Cobra/Erik x Reader

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"WHERE IS HE?!" You busted trough the doors, very mad. Cobra just pulled another prank on you, and this time he has gone to far. You would rather wake Midnight up, then letting Cobra live.

Angel looked at you confused. "Who do you mean, (Y/N)?" She asked rather calm. "Cobra!" You growled. "Where is Cobra?!"

"I saw him run that way." Racer said, but for some reason you didn't believe him. You pointed your sword at Racer, who was sitting on the couch for once. "Dude, I'll ask you one more time..." You dazed of, realizing that Racer sat on the couch... You narrowed your eyes and walked to the couch.    "Come out, you stupid bastard." Your voice was low and creepy. Angel backed away, remembering the last time you spook with that voice. Racer ran off too. "We're all alone now." You continued. "Come out so I can murder you!" You shouted with a normal voice. "No need to shout, (Y/N)." Cobra said as he stood from behind the couch. You was ready to attack him but he stopped you. "You know, (Y/N), why are you actually trying to kill me? We both know you can't." Cobra spoke. You got seriously annoyed of him. "And why is that? My oh so dear Cobra." You spoke with a sarcastic tone. "Because..." Cobra walked up to you, bowed close to you, so his face was just a few inches of yours, and smirked. "You like me." Cobra said. "And why would you think that, Cobra?" You said. "I can hear how your heart beats so much faster because I'm so close to you. And I heard your thoughts about me once." He smirked at you as you bit your lip. "You son of a-" You got interupted by lips being planted on yours. Before you could react they were gone again. "You should see your face, priceless." Cobra said. You just turned away and started to walk off. You were so pissed. Why did he do that? Why should he? He knows your feelings right? Then why would he play with me like that?

You were sitting on your room, thinking everything over, till you heard a knock. "Who's there?" You asked. "Hey, (Y/N), it's just me." The only other girl here said. "Hey Angel." Angel sighed at how you were sitting. On your bed, back against the wall, knees pulled up to your chest. "We heard everything... and when we asked what he did, he said you guys only talked. For some reason I don't excactly believe that." Angel explained. "So... what did he do?"

You mumbled something against your knees "What was that?" She asked. "He kissed me..." You mumbled a little louder. Angel paralized at your words. "He... did what?" She said like she didn't believe it. "He kissed me." You repeated simply. "(Y/N) I'm so sorry, I know ho-" You stopper her before she could finish her sentense. "He was joking around as usual. And he didn't care. He does know how I feel about him." You explained to Angel. "This is just how boys are, you have to deal with it."

"But (Y/-" "Just... stop talking about that subject, k?" Angel nodded as reply. You sighed as Angel leaves the room.

*time skip to dinner ( that surprisingly Oracion Seis has together)*

It was silence, as always. The aura was tensing, because a certain second generation dragon slayer was sitting opposite of you.

On one moment you just knew he was smirking at you, and you tighten your grip on the knife. He was being so stupid. You heard him hold back a laugh, because of you being so mad at him. You jumped up and were ready ready to throw that knife right through his head, But were pulled back by Midnight, who surprisingly was awake and carried you into your room. Then he walked outside again and locked the door. "We'll let you out when you calmed down."

"You kidding me?! Midnight let me out!!" you shouted while hitting the door. "Nope, I'll let that to someone else." he said and left you, all by yourself in your room. After kicking the wall in your outburst, you lied on your bed, thinking of the last person you want tot think about. Cobra... You just can't help it, you have feelings for him. For you it is negative, but feelings of love... Yes love, not just a crush. You really are in love with him. It was a risk to think that way, and feel that way. But he already knew, and he just joked around about it. You so hate him, yet you love h- Cut it out (Y/N)! You thought to yourself.

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