Chapter 5**

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I woke up grumpily the next morning due to some serious toothache.. I can’t believe this pain is still there. So I was on my way to school when some random  guy came and flashed a pen near me. As soon as he did that my eyes blacked out and I was left in complete darkness. When I regained consciousness.. I found myself in a very HI-tech room.. full of super advanced technology. At the right there was a weird looking guy with a mole on his cheek and his hair was completely bald that it made it shine. So I just stayed there completely freaking out what to do. Of course I didn’t scream as I am not those people who scream as I believe screaming does not make things better but makes your enemies alert as well as makes the other party feel stronger. So… Instead I just thought of running from there as I know I had been kidnapped. So I slowly made my way out of d bed but as soon as my feet landed on the ground a buzzer started buzzing. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed still when that guy came up to me and said” Ah.. I see you have woken up. You’re friend is in the other room. Please don’t try running because it will be of no use. We are not here to harm you.” At this I was shocked I mean what could he possibly want from us?. So I asked” then why did you kidnap us in the first place? To keep yourself entertained?” At this he let out a small giggle which seemed like some dog coughing and then said “Ah. No.. You will find out soon.. just wait for your friend to wake up then we will tell you about it all at once.”

“Okay fine I will wait but could you take me where Iyaz is staying?” I asked.

He looked at me for a second then quickly made his mind and told me to follow him to a wall. I did as I was told and followed him. In the wall he did something then the wall opened. There was Iyaz on the bed sleeping soundly like a baby.The bed that he was sleeping was an exact replicate of mine except that it was slightly bigger than the one I was in but this room didn’t have any of those very high technology thingies and this room was quite plainer.

I slowly made my room inside the room and sat beside Iyaz. I know the way I am saying it might seem like I am visiting someone in the hospital but hey there was nothing to do here. I cant possibly roam around in an unknown place and Iyaz was the only one I knew here and that guy wouldn’t tell me why did he bring us here till he wakes up . So all I did today  was guess why did he bring us here and then waited for Iyaz to wake up. Wow! What a day.