Chapter #14

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Growling like a fierce lion to an intruder would; is the sound thats erupting from the inside of me as i hopping he would somehow by a miracle choke on that crispy bacon.

That beautifully crisp, golden meat-candy heave-. . . .FML!!

My stomach growled louder. He looked at me a small smile at the corner of his lips, wiping his right hand on a napkin that was underneath a fork & knife. "My, my, allen you are very noisy today aren't you?"

I hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i want to burn you're face off with a blowtorch!, i hate you, i hate you!

It was more of a statement than a question but knowing his temper i answer anyway "T-that's what happens when you haven't eaten in a long period of time" i managed to let out with minimum hatred with each word.

With a stoic expression he tossed another piece of bacon into his mouth, swiftly turning his head away from my view."I was going to be generous an feed my pet but it seems he's on his period again cuz he very pissy!" He said still chewing on his bacon.

D-did he just call me pissy!!

"You bitch!, i'm not you'r fudging pet, neither am i a woman you son of a asshole!-" While continuing my rant he face back to me smiling at first then out of nowhere i felt him radiating death an i shut my trap an planted my behind to the sofas cushion.

I hadn't even realize i was standing while on my fit of curses. He motioned for me to come over to him an i obeyed.

Damn i feel like an actual pet!

As if reading my thoughts he smirked "that's because you are" He said. i snarled, stopping infront of his desk.

Pointing to the chair that i sat in earlier, understanding what he ment i was about to sit before "Infront of my desk" he said.

I dragged it over towards it making a scratching noise as i did, he eye'd me; rolled his eye's as he sipped his coffee, i seated my behind in the chair directly infront of him. He sat his coffee down.

"Good boy allen" he cooed as his arm was rustling my hair as if i was an actual dog or cat, he moved his hand lower an traced my bottom lip pulling down softly with his thumb.

I bit his thumb "I thought you were going to be good for once"

"You thought wrong!"

The sound of flesh connecting echoed throughout the room as my cheek was searing.

He put his thumb back where it was, his gaze bord into mine as his other four fingers caressed my face, he used his thumb-nail to scratch my upper lip, gasping i un-clenched my jaw & i started to breathe through  my mouth. Before i was able to process it all the plate he was eating off of was knocked to the side & my body was jerked up by my hair an on top of his desk than on his lap, both my knees on either side of him. he touched my tongue with his as the strong taste of the bacon brought a few seconds of delight to my taste bugs.

He was grinding my lower half on his by then.

~*~Time skipuh
58 minutes later~*~

I was back in the chair with a fresh hot plate of food devouring it like a beast. Logan staring at me the entire time a smirk planted on his face, i slowed down my feasting a tad bit all because the way he was watching me was very annoying.

I raised my eyebrows indicating a 'what?' Look, my cheeks puffed up with food my lips in a pout trying to keep all the food inside it.

He shook his head with a small chuckle "you haven't changed one bit in all these years" logan whispered.

I looked up confused "wo wou woming?(you say something?)" I asked.

He shook his he 'no'.

Could've sworn i heard someone mumble something....huh, must be my imagination then i thought.

With that i went back to my food.

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