•School day

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First day at school.

Shit you always hated these days. Anyways. You wore a cute outfit and put on some light makeup. You looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled trying to be as optimistic as possible.

You went downstairs and got in the school bus. You finally arrived at school and hopefully you saw Daniel riding his bike. Thank God.

-Hey he smiled
-Hey what's up.
-Nothing really what about you?

He was wearing sunglasses. You looked down.

-What did your mother say about the bruise?
-What bruise? he joked

You raised your eyebrows and laughed.

-I lied to her.
-Of course you did..
-Shall we go?

You walked to the entrance just to see a bunch of guys sitting on their bikes' sits. You could recognize some of them. Especially the hot blonde named Johnny.

Daniel froze.

They seemed to notice him as one of them poked Johnny pointing in your direction.

Daniel tried to step behind but you held his arm.

-No don't you said
-No it's fine. I really got to go.

You tried to say something but he already had gone.

Damn it Daniel. That way he makes it even worse.

You passed near the cobras intentionally. Their eyes on you.

You found Susan and asked her where mr Jones' class was.
You sat in the front sit as you saw Barbara sitting there too.

Mr Jones came in and welcomed you all.

"Goodmorning class my name is Mr Jones as many of you already know and we will be..."

The door opened and Johnny came in.

"Mr Lawrence. I'm not surprised to see you're late again."

"Uh yeah sorry" he said as he walked and sit in the back.

You tried to participate in class as more as you could. You'ld like to do well this time at school and you knew that was your chance for high marks.

Johnny and his little gang was constantly disturbing the class as they were laughing at almost anything and throwing paper balls to everyone. One of them hit you.

You turned around just to see them laughing at you. You rolled your eyes and tried to concentrate again.
Next you had chemistry in the lab. You had no idea where the lab was and that time you were the one that got late as you got lost in all these huge corridors and classes.

-Hello sir sorry for being late I got lost.
-That's ok. Please have a sit.

You checked what sits left. None. Only one in the back right in front of Johnny. Oh great. You sighed and walked there.

-Hey he said with the usual asshole smile.

He was kicking your chair most of the time but you ignored him. Then he probably got bored and stopped.

-Do you have a pen? he whispered

You gave him one.

You liked chemistry and you were pretty good at it too. You kept notes and kept asking questions.

The bell rang and you left class. You found Daniel and Alli talking. It was good to see them like that. Alli seemed like a nice girl and it would be nice for Daniel to find himself a girlfriend.

You watched as the boys were playing soccer. Ha you were better than them you could take them easily. You saw a girl's team on the other side.

-Hey can I get in the team too?
-You play soccer? one of the girls asked politely.
-Ok sure but just go to the coach first.

You saw a middle aged man guiding the boy's team. Daniel was playing there too.

-Hey excuse me. I'm Y/N  Y/L/N. I was wondering if I could get in the girl's team.

-Yes sure just let..

You both turned around to see Daniel punching Bobby. The coach yelled at him as he run to separate them.

Bobby could easily be described as a dog barking angrily at Danny.

-This school sucks man.

Daniel left and you saw Dutch and Johnny laughing at his sight.

God. You wanted to punch these guys.
Later that day you were on your locker putting some things in order. Johnny and the cobras came closer to you.

-You forgot your pen. he said as he was holding your pen in his hand.
-Yeah thanks.

You stretched out your hand to take it. Then Johnny dropped it intentionally.

-Oops he said smirking.

The boys laughed. You laughed too and closed the locker with strength.

-Ok listen up asshole. I don't give a shit why you're acting like this but trust me I know how to handle guys like you.
-You haven't met anyone like me babe.
-Don't call me that.

You tried to leave.

-Ok do we bet? you could feel his pretty ass smile in the tone of his voice.
-Bet what?
-You've never met someone like me.

You laughed.

-I doubt that. Let me guess. you said as you walked closer to him.

You looked at him from top to bottom.

-Rich guy. you said. You think you're pretty..
-Am I not?

You rolled your eyes and continued.

-You think you're tough but really you're just a fucking coward that enjoys bullying others. Many family issues and trying to buy everyone with daddy's money.

The cobras stayed silent waiting for Johnny's reaction. He didn't say anything he just smirked.

-I told you you continued I know you. But know excuse me I don't like being late in class.

You don't do that. You don't like hurting others by just telling them about their problems. it's dishonored. Unfair. You had family issues thanks to your dad too. That Johnny thing you said reminded you of him and your own situation.

Johnny deserved that though. He was the school's bully. You wondered how many student must have been his and his little gang's victims before Daniel became their new target.

Author note:
Sorry for letting Y/N talk to Johnny like that we love him but I just want to show that enemy energy:(
Sorry again for my bad use of english (I'm destroying your language) I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the story.
Take care everyone<3

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