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Bella's POV

Lost Boy by Ruth B started playing on my alarm clock. I soon realized that I had to go to school, I groaned. As you can probably tell I don't like school, its not the worst thing ever but it is pretty bad. I don't think I would survive without my friends.

I got up and got dressed into acid wash high waisted jeens, a crop top, and black vans(picture in media). I went downstairs to find a granola bar on the counter and a note attached to it, the note read...

Hey Bella,

I had to leave early today. I left for Minnesota this morning, I will be back in three days, make sure to take care of Olivia. Have a great day. -Mom

Thats my mother, she leaves every other week for at least 3 days during the week. I've learned to live with it and she tought me how to cook basic food because Sophie hates cooking and my dad forgets about everything very easily, once when I was little he left food on the barbeque and it set on fire. If my dog wasn't there, it could of spread. Lucky for me, my dog was outside and she started barking and barking and barking(that actually happened to me!).

I called for Olivia "Olivia, I'm leaving now" "okay Bella, I'm coming" She came down and we walked out the door, I grabbed my keys and locked the door on the way out. We met Nat at the bottom of my driveway and started our walk to school.

"Hey Livy" Nat greated Olivia. "Why do you call her that?" I asked. "Because I can" She said. "Umm I don't like that, you called my that in grade 5, I'm in grade 8" Olivia said. "Okay fine, I guess I can't. But you know that I am still gonna call you Livy because I know you hate it" Nat responed. "If you call me Livy I will call Trevor and tell him that you died in a hole" Olivia said. "Okay then, changing the subject hows Hayes?" Nat said. "I don't know we just talked a bit" "The guys texted me saying that Hayes was laughing a lot" In response Olivia giggled. "Oh my gosh, you just giggled. You never giggle" I said.

We aproached the school. "Bye Olivia, have a nice day" I said. "Bye Livy" Nat said. We walked into the locker area and grabbed our stuff for first period. We started our walk to English when my phone started to ring, it was Sam so I picked up amediatly. "Hey Sam, what's up?" "Hey Bella, since we are coming in a week we wanted to know if we could visit you." "Of course you can visit us. If you want you could stay with us, some of you in Nat's house and some in mine." "you sure?" he asked. "Of course, it'll be fun" "Your the best Bella" "Oh any time" "Bye, have a good day" "You too" Then he hung up.

Nat and I walked into class and sat in our seats at the back. The teacher came in and started talking, she said something about continuing our essays that we started yesterday. I continued writing and before I knew it, class was over.

Nat and I walked to our next period, Science. We got to the science lab and sat down, Nat pulled her phone out of her pocket and I noticed that she would type, smile, check to make sure no one can see her phone, and repeat. Her and Trevor have been texting non-stop, every class she is texting.

"Phone away, Nathalie" the teacher says as she walks in, Nat put her phone in her pocket. "Sorry, it won't happen again" Nat replied. As soon as she said that she pulled it back out and continued texting Trevor. This girl is gonna get into some serious trouble.

The teacher started teaching and going on and on about the periodic table and how we have to memorize the whole thing. I glanced at the clock at the back of the room and it turned out that it was almost lunch. I started packing up my binder and the teacher dismissed us.

Nat and I got out of the class room and started walking to lunch. as we were walking I got a call from an unknown number, Nat and I pulled over to the side of the hallway and I picked up, "hello?" "hey Bella, its Taylor." "oh hey Taylor whats up" "he woke up" Taylor said through the phone. "thats amazing, I have to go to lunch, bye Taylor" "I guess I'll see you in a week babe" "did you just call me babe?" I asked disgusted. "Yeah" "cough cough player cough cough" "I am not" he defended himself. "you so are, bye" after that I just hung up.

"Taylor called me babe" I told Nat. "I know I could hear your whole conversation because you phone is so god damn loud." A teacher walked by "watch your language" she said as she walked by. Nat just mouthed Fuck You and bit her thumb. "You shouldn't bite your thumb at a teacher" I said. "Well if I could I would flip her off, but that would be bad" "No shit" I said.

We got to the lunch room, got our crappy lunch food, and sat down at a round table. Someone came behind us "umm I don't know if you realized but while you were away we desided that this is our lunch table" Katherine, the slut of the school said with her small group of sluts. "oh I'm sorry, is this your spot?" I said with quotations around 'your spot' then continued, "I don't see any names on this table" I paused "oh wait here it is, it says sluts and whores" I said. There were murmers, 'oh snaps', and 'oohs' around the room, then Nat got up. "I'm not sitting at a table that says sluts and whores on it" "it was a joke dumb ass, you can't give up our seats" I said and she sat back down. "oh look theres some seats on the floor, looks real comfy" Nat said pointing to a spot on the floor. 

Katherine flipped us off and walked away with her group of sluts following.   

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