{4} Queen B Who?

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Everything you say is irrelevant

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Everything you say is irrelevant

           You follow and I lead...

       But you're just a wannabe

             Love it or hate it

...Even I'm surprised you are still allowed to be in my crew...

     Meghan Martin- Too Cool


By the time we came home it was 2:15, because Dad wanted to take me to lunch to Rocco's on East 22nd Street that we heard such good reviews about he just had to take me. Plus, my dad was a fan of Rocco's and loved his food. And I also think he felt bad for springing this move on me without  him telling me.

We ordered off the menu choosing to sit outside under the umbrellas. It was a beautiful view of New York and the traffic of people weaving in and out of the streets.

After we ate such a delicious meal we left heading home. On the way home my dad asked me how I was adjusting to New York so far.

"It's okay, I just have to adjust to the noise level and a whole lot of things," I said looking out the window at the people as they became a blur.

"Its not that bad, honey. I know you are going to be fine here," he told as he continued driving.

I mean its not like I don't like it in New York, it was just going to be a lot of getting used to- everything.

Change was never in my agenda, but life doesn't ever alert you, does it?

3 Hours Later.....

Back at the house I was getting ready for my first evening out on the town with Seiko and Cam when I heard someone calling my name.

I walked on my outdoor patio surprised to see Cam, because I wasn't supposed to see him until a little later. But like Alice curiosity got me wondering what he wanted. I saw him waving me from him below my patio trying to get my attention.

"Hey, Rain, why don't you meet us outside my house?" he told smiling at me.

Why does he seem so familiar to me? I shook that thought away from my mind.

"For what?" he asked slightly confused, one of his eyebrows raised.

"For you and your sister hanging out with me and helping not get lost in New York," I told him laughing awkwardly.

Why was I so nervous around him?

"Oh, it's cool. It'll be fun hanging out with you, besides if you're with me and my sister, you're guaranteed to have a good time." He looked at me with those dark mysterious, green eyes that made it hard for me not to smile.

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