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*Pics at the side from Walker Stalker con back in December*

*5 Years Later*

Who knew that a simple five words could bring two people so close. "I guess I am kid." That sentence that came out of the mouth of Daryl Dixon, lead to our first kiss all over again. It lead to a marriage proposal, and then the birth of our twin boys Ryan and Cody Dixon.

Awhile back, maybe 5 years, perhaps even the day after Daryl had spoken those 5 words, a man called "Aaron" came to us. He explained to us how we were the perfect group to live in their community. Of course Rick went a little psycho at first and thought it was a crazy idea but, with the help of Michonne and I, he eventually gave in.

Turns out Alexandria really was an amazing place to be. Although there is still flesh craving monsters roaming the earth, everything's okay for now. We all have jobs now. I'm a daycare worker, along with some other women.

Daryl has a job as the "Alexandria Recruiter", I believe it's called. He basically does what he loves; hunting. People have grown to trust Daryl. Everyone was actually quite scared of him at first but, everyone's seemed to warm up to him.

Riley attends school along with little Bradley, Glenn's son. Carl has tons of friends. Matter of fact, he's actually dating that Enid girl (A/N Idk if that actually happens but..). Cody, Ryan, and Judith only being about a year apart play together all the time at the Daycare.

Rick, well (*SPOILER WARNING IN 3.....2......1.... NOW*) he's in a relationship with Jesse. After awhile of being here, Rick found out Jesse's husband was very abusive and ended up beating him, eventually killing him.

Like I said, everyone and everything is perfect. Life is perfect right now. I have the love of my life back, I have three amazing kids, I have a roof to live under, food to eat, and a nice job. We live in a world now where there is no taxes, or bills, or money, just life and death. And I have a pretty good feeling it's going to be like that for quite sometime.


And that is it for "I'm A Warrior"!! It didn't last very long but, at least I didn't give up on it. I really hope everyone ha enjoyed this story and continues to read more of my stories. I love you all and I appreciate all the love I've got from this book.

Tbh I didn't think this story would ever be as successful as it was but, look at it now with over 4,000 reads. I thank you all so much for this and I love every single one of you.


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