Mocking Fanfics in General

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I want to make one thing very clear: I may complain about a fanfic's cliche but honestly, I don't comment on their stories saying that its a waste of my time reading them. Even if I don't like it, I realize that they may have put effort into that story and leave it alone or give some pointers on how to improve. The rant below is copied and pasted from MY G+ profile.

I feel like this is really important to not share right now because it's true and people (especially family members and friends) just don't understand the technicalities and emotions behind this.

We may mock the flaws of a particular story, especially fanfiction, and even I do roll my eyes at the certain cliches that they often share. But for the love of God, please don't ridicule them. There are people who write these stories on top of everything else in their lives. For those people who are saying that it's a waste of their time by reading it, ask yourself this:

"On top of keeping your grades up and your social life, how would you feel about writing a story that you love? Not just fanfiction, but stories in general."

As long as the passion is there, we shouldn't mock the author writing the story itself and at least help them out by giving constructive criticism. That's the true job of a writer: To find where you can improve on the stories that you write and love and help others do the same thing. This is a community: help each other succeed. Just because it's fanfiction doesn't mean that you have the right to insult it.

I hate those assholes who do the exact opposite and honestly, they need to grow up. I get that they don't like that particular story or even fanfiction in general, but the authors are credible and worthy just as much as the professional ones are.

A shorter rant, but whatever. It needs to be heard. What are your thoughts? Comment and let me know :D

And on a completely unrelated note: Baby Po is love, Baby Po is life.

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