Chapter Sixteen: In the Suite

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Chapter Sixteen: In the Suite

The valet was at my elbow as soon as I exited the Vanquish. He was too professional to comment on the car, but the muted glow in his eyes relayed his admiration for my rare British sports car, gaining me the respect that my teenage appearance seldom earned among human men.

I tossed him the keys and while he moved to open the trunk, I whisked around the front of the car to open Bella's door, offering her my hand as she attempted to raise herself from the low-slung vehicle. She smiled as she took my hand and clambered to her feet awkwardly after so long a time in the sports car. Her eyes met mine again, her trusting expression warming my silent chest almost as if I still possessed a beating heart. What this lovely girl could do to me thrilled me to no end.

The valet was waiting at the rear of the car for us, and I indicated which of the trunk's contents we would require. Bella gasped when she noticed the overnight bags, glancing at me in shock but refraining from saying anything in front of the valet. Her eyes widened further when she saw the long garment bags and the shoe boxes with designer names.

"What are these?" she asked fearfully.

I ignored Bella's apparent terror and nodded to the valet who gathered our things and escorted us into the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

We entered the spacious lobby, and I heard Bella's gasp of utter shock at the luxurious Italian Renaissance décor of the hotel. Even I was impressed, I had to admit. I felt her fingers close reflexively around my arm as I escorted her to the magnificent desk area, quietly giving my name and handing them my credit card, the shiny black one that instantly gained me deference wherever and whenever I used it. We definitely didn't seem like wayward teens to the hotel staff once they saw that card.

Bella gripped my arm much more tightly than necessary, saying nothing and, as I sneaked a sidelong glance at her, she somehow managed to keep her mouth from hanging agape at the hotel's luxurious décor. I smiled warmly at her, and she caught my eye before looking down quickly, blushing slightly.

Then Bella seemed to notice for the first time what she was wearing: shorts and a tank top over a bikini, and her embarrassment deepened at wearing such casual apparel into this place, the most elegant hotel in Seattle. Blushing pinker, Bella refused to look the clerk in the eye while I made quiet arrangements to check into our reserved suite. I knew that she was ashamed of the clothing she was wearing...but that's why Alice had packed other clothing for us.

Leaning toward her, I whispered warmly in Bella's ear, "I thought we'd like to change before dinner."

Bella refused to look up; her face and upper chest turned a deep rose color with yet another blush, but she nodded quickly in agreement.

I sighed in relief. I wasn't sure how she would handle checking into a room with me, even if it was only to ready ourselves for the evening. Well, at least for that reason, anyway...anything more was up to Bella herself.

The clerk quietly affirmed our reservation for the Cascade Suite, the premier suite in the hotel. Bella kept gazing at her sandals, cheeks still pink, while I took one card key, leaving the second card key at the desk with directions for its use by another. As I finished making the arrangements, I was grateful that Bella had missed his comment about our suite and my instructions regarding the second key. I couldn't help rolling my eyes when I considered her probable reaction to a penthouse suite with a dining room that seated twelve...and to our expected guest.

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