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have you heard of the new law about to be passed in I think michigan where medical workers are allowed to not treat people because of their sexuality, as it is "against christianity"

now imo this is utter bullshit and now you are gonna deal with a super pissed me and a longass rant on homosexuality.

it is not wrong to like the same gender
oh, you say they're different and it's wrong? well you're different from them so does that make being straight wrong too? no it fucking doesn't.

how does the life of another affect you? oh right it doesn't! so what if the guy who bagged your groceries is gay? so what if the shop attendant who helped you find the perfume you wanted is bisexual? so what?

it doesn't affect you one fucking bit.
if you dislike homosexuality, you still have NO right to dictate anothers life.

everyone should be proud of their sexuality but because of homophobics, some people aren't.

most adults are homophobic. well to them, this generation isn't messed up, we are just more accepting and understanding. just because we are different from the older generations doesn't mean we are wrong!

homophobics should shut the fuck up really they say homosexuals will "push homosexuality onto others" ((is that even possible)) and they're trying to push society to be against homosexuality

anyways, homophobics should calm down and sit their flat-asses down and let others love who they want to love, for love knows no boundaries.

peace out girl scouts,
your very much bisexual princess, iara

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