It All Starts

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"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" the television blared as the six of us - Zayn and Sandrene, Niall and Liam and of course, Harry and I - kissed as the clock signalled it was midnight.

"Happy new year’s everybody!" I greeted as I broke our kiss, which made everyone to stop and greet too.

We all sat down at Liam's living room and watched the rest of the new year’s special on the telly. "Wow, I can't believe another year passed," Niall murmured.

"Yeah, time sure does fly fast," Zayn replied as he snuggled with Sandrene.

"So, what are your resolutions?" Harry asked. "Mine is to not get any tattoos this year," he continued as everyone else threw their pillows at him. Fortunately, I succeeded to dodge any pillows that were close to hitting me, as I was sitting next to him.

"Why the pillows?" I asked, completely clueless like Harry.

"No resolutions for this year!" Zayn yelled as he fist-pumped into the air and blew his party horn.

"What? Why?" Harry asked, obviously disappointed, which made him a hundred times more adorable than he already is.

"Because they suck, and let's face it, you'll just end up breaking your resolutions before the end of the year," Niall explained.

I shrugged and said, "Well, the man's got a point."

"Oh, so you're now going to take his side?" Everyone else shifted uncomfortably in their seats as I try to comprehend the fact that Harry just yelled at me and embarrassed me in front of everyone.

"Well, you don't get a say to whose side I pick, okay? So stop being a baby and if you want to make a resolution, go make one yourself. You don't need us to do it with you."

He just shook his head and at that moment, I thought he was going to apologize for his behaviour. But knowing Harry, he would never do it. "Fine," he said as he stormed out of Liam's house.

"Um, I'm gonna go. Thanks, Liam!" I yelled as I ran off after him.


"Well, that was awkward," I noted.

"We could've just made resolutions, you know," Niall said.

I nodded and shrugged, "Well, it's been done. He's mad."

"Is he mad? I thought he's just disappointed."

"He was at first, I guess. But then Louis sided with Zayn and I guess that's when he got mad."

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