Chapter Two

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Her dad shoved his hand through his sandy blonde hair, disheveling it one more time.  Eden had basically regurgitated the last few months for them.  Demons attacks, angel battles, teenagers with hidden powers, and a buried ancient temple…it would be a lot for anyone to take in.

“Guess your little vacation was a lot more than riding rollercoasters,” her dad admitted.

Eden sighed.  “Yeah, you could say that.”

He ran his palm along his jaw line and then peered up at her.  “So you’re saying that by simply hugging someone you awaken gifts or powers in them?  Like you did with Micah?”

“Pretty much.  I didn’t even know I was doing it really.  I changed Micah first then Trent.”

“And you said Trent’s his interpreter right?  Helps him figure out what all his visions mean?” her dad asked.  During the whole conversation, her mom remained quiet, sitting on the couch, eyes fixed on the carpet.

“Yes exactly.  I hugged other friends too, like Andrew, who can heal people now.”

Her dad nodded. “Good thing too.  Sounds like Andrew saved your life and Micah’s.”

Her mom glanced up, finally making eye contact.  Eden was dying to know what she was thinking.

“I know he did,” Eden admitted softly, her face warming.  She still harbored guilt over the fact she’d chosen Micah over Andrew, despite Micah’s vision of her marrying Andrew.  She wasn’t sure what the future held for any of them; even Micah’s dreams couldn’t always predict how things unfolded.  Regardless, she owed Andrew everything. It was a debt she wasn’t sure she could ever repay.

“Do you see him now?” her mom asked, breaking her silence.

Eden forced herself to make eye contact with her mom, worried she’d say it’d been a mistake to break up with the person who’d saved her.  Logically, she was free to love whom she wanted, but Micah’s vision had a way of haunting her. 

She swallowed and asked, “Who? Andrew?”

“No, your guardian angel.  Can you see him all the time?”

“Oh,” Eden said, relief flooded her at the same time her heart throbbed. She knew Gabriel was still there, but she longed to see him face to face.  “No, I rarely get to see him.  Only usually when I’m in trouble.  I started seeing him more often, but that seems to have stopped.”

Her mom said nothing as her dad chuckled softly. 

Eden glanced up. “What?” she asked.   

Her dad rubbed his forehead with his hand and then shook his head, smiling.  “Just trying to wrap my head around the fact our daughter sees angels.  That angels are even real.”

Eden grinned.  Maybe if I focus on the angel part they’ll forget about the demons.   

“You have a guardian angel too, mom.” Her mom looked up, Eden continued, “I didn’t see who it was, but Gabriel told me your guardian was there with you in the kitchen one day.”

“Gabriel?” her dad asked, when all color drained from her mom’s face.

Eden turned to her dad, unsure how to handle her mom’s reaction.  “Yeah, that’s my guardian’s name.”

“Gabriel?” her mom asked quietly. “Like the Gabriel from the Bible?”

Eden nodded, the absurdity of such a powerful high ranking angel being her guardian still shocking her too.

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