Part Fifteen

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By the end of the week Kate was as drained as she normally was. She hadn’t heard from Mason and half of her was disappointed, the other half hadn’t expected him to contact her, after all she’d walked away and given him no encouragement.

His mother was now much better and Clarissa had promised to visit Peter a bit more over the next two weeks. But as she left him Friday evening after a trip to the cinema and an as usual traumatic trip to a fast food joint, she groaned at the fact that as usual she’d agreed to spend Christmas with him and his mother. She had the last five years, but this year was meant to be the time she stood up to them all. But the excitement in his face was something she couldn’t yet resist. Kate decided that prior to Christmas she’d speak to Clarissa and tell her things were going to change. They could then break it to Peter slowly over the holiday.

Saturday morning her phone rang early. She was still in bed, this weekend she was taking Peter out on Sunday, so she was catching up on some much needed zzz’s! Reaching for the phone, sat on the bedside table, she opened one eye to see Tilly’s name on the screen.

                “Hey T!” she mumbled holding the handset to her ear.

                “Did I wake you?”

Kate could hear the panic in her voice and was quick to reassure her, “No, don’t be stupid. I’m just lying like an oaf in bed, making the most of no Playstation or porn on the TV. I swear I’m moving out!”

Tilly’s chuckle was deep and throaty, “I remember it only too well. Have to say I couldn’t live with Mike and Steve again, no matter how much I love them!” They had all shared a flat very amicably through their college days, but the boys, despite having good jobs seemed to have regressed to teenagers over the years. “The main reason I called was, I was meant to be working today, but I got a morning’s grace...three word’s ‘Wedding Dress Shopping’?”

Kate heard the words and leapt out of her bed with a shout. “I’M IN!!!” Was the screech as she headed for the shower. Within the hour, she was dragging herself across Regents Street to her best friend who was dancing equally excitedly on the spot outside the first shop she wanted to try. Despite the fact that they both looked rather casual, underdressed for the higher level wedding boutiques, money was no real object. The groom was footing all the bills that Tilly’s parents weren’t paying and money was no object.

They had a few Pretty Woman moments, snooty sour faces looking down their noses at the two, neither was bothered, snarling at the witches as they left, but in one small shop, a middle aged woman who introduced herself as Patricia was their lifesaver. Disappearing into a rack of white lace and tulle, she emerged with an armful of options.

                “I’m going to show you a range of things I think will suit you, they may not be what you imagine, but if you try them on you can get a feel for shape and texture, and we can go from there.” Her smile was infectious, and the maternal warmth emanating from her instantly relaxed them both.

Both girls beamed at this angel, then Kate slumped onto a sofa next to a tray of canapés and smiled again, “come on then Bridezilla!”

Tilly threw a glove at her in mock disgust, then as she entered a changing cubicle with the first creation, she leaned over her shoulder and whispered to Patricia, “she’s the only bridesmaid, I’m open to suggestion on colour and style! Bright and flamboyant?”

Patricia’s eyes lit up and Kate groaned as she realised she was being dragged into the furore with her.

They tried them all, straight dresses, full dresses, Tilly in white, ivory and even a very pale pink, Kate a rainbow of colours. Patricia laughed as she watched them parade up and down the catwalk within the shop, each time making adjustments to the dresses or advising on the next one.  

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