“It’s all yours, sparky. So to get to your question -- what do I think? I think this is straight up nuts, Obi-wan.”

Ben coughed. Daniah mistakenly called Ben by his Jedi title, given this was a military operation. Or was it intentional? She liked to think his dedication to his Jedi calling drove them apart, and perhaps used the epithet to underscore her position.

“Err, that is Commander Kenobi.” She bowed with an air of amusement. “And that’s why the Halcyon will be ready for your disposal.”

As Ben anticipated, Daniah committed to the mission eagerly. Doing it for the rush? He recalled her hunting a krayt dragon, exploring forbidden sector RL-42. That enthusiasm to explore new things had drawn him to her.

Now was not the time to daydream about old relationships. That ship’s jumped, Ben.

“Okay,” Ben said. “Anything from you, Sergeant Fett?”

“Sir,” said Fett, “We can’t let that lunatic Krul te Rosin prance around killing people.  Somebody needs to take out those terrorist saucerheads. Might as well be me -- er, us. You can tell General Trajan that we got this covered. With enough hours in sim we’ll be ready.”

“Sims are already in the works, Sergeant. Lieutenant Til'trius is heading those up.”

“Good.” He grinned, and started mumbling to himself. Ben’s force-enhanced hearing picked it up. “Anything to get myself off this rock, and away from Melinchek’s torturous sessions is worth it.”

A wild look burned in Fett’s eyes that disturbed Ben. The sergeant was one of Tarkin’s recommendations. Young, crass, and cocksure, Boba Fett’s dossier suggested he could be as volatile as the sapper’s explosives. He was good at what he did, a true soldier, but not an ideal candidate. Limited as he was by time, Ben couldn’t find a better alternative.

IG-68’s weapon droid suddenly chortled some noises over the speakers. “Ax is pleased with your resolve Sergeant,” IG-68 said excitedly. Fett winked. “And she has just calculated the odds of achieving all our mission objectives given Commander Kenobi’s general perimeters. Would you like to hear them, sir?”

“Go ahead,” said Ben. Do I really want to know?

“1 in 107!” Ben winced. “It will be glorious, sir. Those are odds worthy of song and story; odds worthy of a droid. Serving under you again, Commander, to chasten those fouls goons with this boomstick of justice...” He was patting Ax. “...is this mainframe’s sole desire.” Ax purred. “That’s right, girl. Rodia will tremble.”

IG-68 was already oozing with lust for danger and combat, which made Ben chuckle to himself. The droid hadn’t changed much since the missions they’d done together during the clone wars. Ben's eyes narrowed. Except for that weapon droid he carried. "She" was new. He'd never seen a droid like her before.

“Well Idge,” said Ben, “let’s see if we can shift those odds more in our favor.”

“If you must,” the droid said with disappointment.

“Assignments. Lieutenant Til’trius, select entrance points for the mines and demolition targets to distract the autori for our escape. Sergeant Fett, you'll work with me to assemble three fireteams of troopers for the mission.” Fett nodded. “IG-68, procure a glider from our military stockpiles on Monor II for your descent onto SKYE HQ. Daniah, work on our planetary clearance and transportation for the fireteams once we arrive at the Iskaayuma spaceport. ”

She wobbled her head in thought. “I’ve got local contacts that should be able to fulfill this last minute request. If we pay, that is.”

“The number of credits is immaterial.” Daniah glared at him as if he’d made the dumbest comment in galactic history. He’d made an obvious exaggeration. “Within reason, of course.”

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