2. I'm a Little Bit Rusty, and I Think my Head is Caving in

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Author's Note: Forgot to mention that the chapter titles are based on the song "Push" by Matchbox Twenty. I said it in the last chapter of Bent, but in case you didn't see, thought I'd let you know! This is where shit really starts to hit the fan so err... enjoy :)

2. I'm a Little Bit Rusty, and I Think my Head is Caving in

Mitch threw his bag on his bed with a huff as he scrolled through his phone, wondering how on earth it was only Tuesday. He was exhausted.

"Ouch. Watch it."

Mitch stilled, frozen in place, before turning, slowly.

"What are you doing here?"

Scott pushed the bag off of his lap that had been so haphazardly tossed onto him. "Nice to see you too," he quipped.

Mitch crossed the room in a moment's time, leaning in to survey the man's eyes.

Icy, crystal clear blue orbs stared back at him.

Icy, crystal clear, and cold. Very, very cold, like small pools of arctic water.

"You shouldn't be here."

"You can't mean that."

The cold eyes were narrowed challengingly, and Mitch was left breathless by them, as usual.

"I saw how you looked at me when you saw me in that classroom. How you held me. How much you missed me. I know you tried to bring me back. I couldn't get back to you. I couldn't figure out how. Those damn meds, Mitch-"

"You left me and you were trying to forget me," Scott whispered, folding in on himself. He was trembling.

Mitch reached for him, pulling him close as Scott's face met the crook of his neck. It was soothing, how perfectly they fit together this way.

"I didn't know how to find you again," Mitch whispered through his own tears.

"Please don't let me go again. Please. Please don't replace me with him," Scott sobbed.

"I don't know how to keep you here," Mitch replied, desperately.

"Just stop taking the pills. Stop taking the pills and I'll find you. Please. I need you." Scott whimpered, before crashing his lips against Mitch's.

"You just needed to give me more time to get back to you... but you started to take the pills again-"

"Shut up."

Scott complied, much to Mitch's surprise. When Mitch looked back up into those eyes, the desperation nearly seeped from his tear ducts.

And Mitch found his heart breaking for the thousandth time as he watched.

"Don't you get it? I'm trying to move on. I'm trying to get on with my life. I've found people who want to help me do that. Don't you want people to help me?" Mitch was nearly begging.

"Not him." Scott's words were soft, and held no malice. "Anyone but him. Please?"


"Can you imagine watching yourself get replaced? By the newer, prettier, shinier model of yourself? It's torture, Mitch. I can't bear it. It's like you've forgotten me-"

"I can't ever forget you, Scott. That's the problem."

"It's hard enough to see you want to get rid of me. To destroy me. Like I never meant anything to you. But to see you want him? I could be just like him, you know. You can pretend. And I can be yours. Just yours. Doesn't that sound nice? He'll never be completely yours. Please, Mitch... I need you... don't send me back into the darkness."

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