Chapter 38: Another Wedding

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Hiccup woke early that next morning. He dressed into his flight suit and combed out his tangles before ruffling his hair to get that perfect 'messy' look that Astrid loves. Speaking of, the blonde was still fast asleep, cuddled up to Hiccups pillow that she stole last night which left him with nothing. She wrapped her arms tighter around it and sighed.

Hiccup smiled. She looked so at peace. He was glad that he was finally able to get her to talk last night, although a little sorrow tugged at his chest he had kept his composure. Astrid was already broken down and crying, so he had to be the strong one in that moment. But Astrid did have a surprisingly good reason. Many people have children for many different reasons, some just happen to conceive by accident, other's want to carry on the family name, like how Hiccup had to, and others, like Astrid and himself, just want to feel whole, no matter if it's because they just feel something is missing or if they had actually lost someone.

He sighed, he didn't want to wake her from whatever dream she was having at the moment, but alas, he had to wake her soon for the wedding of Snotlout and Heather that he had to observe. The chief quietly strode over to his wife's side of the bed and sat on the edge. He placed his hand on her back, which was turned to his. She stirred and mumbled.

"Astrid." Hiccup whispered, rubbing her back gently. "You need to get up, milady."

Her arms wrapped even tighter around the pillow as she mumbled again. Hiccup chuckled and slid his hand down so that it was on the other side of Astrid. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to her ear.

His other hand ran through her loose hair as he whispered again. "You need to get dressed. I know you don't want to miss Snotlout and Heather's wedding...the one I have to officiate. That will be a nightmare."

Astrid giggled, flickering her eyes open. "Morning babe." She breathed and cupped Hiccup's cheek.

He closed his eyes, nudging his head in her hand before looking back to her. Astrid moved to sit up, wincing as she gathered the fur's and wrapped them around her body. Hiccup sat straight.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Astrid nodded. "Just sore."

She pressed the fur's close to her chest and sat against the headboard as Hiccup pursed his lips.

"I'm sorry."

Astrid chuckled. "It's alright babe." She took one of her hands and ran it through his auburn locks. "It's a good kind of sore."

Hiccup chuckled, standing and going over to the dresser again. "How can there be a good kind of sore?" He asked as he pulled out Astrid's skirt and shirt.

Astrid shrugged as he tossed the garments onto the bed in front of her. "I don't know, there just is."

Hiccup went down to the next drawer and tossed Astrid her leggings and breast bindings, followed by her knee pads, fur gauntlets, hood, leather arm wraps, cloak and boots. By the time he turned around, she was already dressed in her undergarments and jumping up and down with her head tucked in towards her collarbone as she pulled her leggings up. She quickly pulled up her skirt and threw her shirt on. Hiccup walked behind her and began to fix her hair into the braided bun while she finished wrapping the leather around her biceps, snapping her hood into place and tightening her gauntlets around her forearms. She only had her hair up that way when Hiccup could take the time to do it for her, since she had attempted many times to do it herself but failed miserably.

Once he was done she clipped the knee pads in place and tucked her feet into the boots, followed by snapping on the cloak.

"Well." Astrid said, turning to her husband. "I am off to help Heather get ready. She said her mother cannot braid to save her life." Hiccup chuckled. "Okay, now your turn." Astrid said, turning Hiccup around so that his back was facing her.

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