Chapter 1

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*6 years ago*

"Babe are you done yet?" Maya asked as she walked anxiously back and forth in their room. "Almost!!" Carina yelled from their bathroom. Today was the day. Today was the day the two women knew they were gonna find they were parents. Maya and Carina have always wanted kids. They loved them. Carina helps moms give birth to them almost everyday, and Maya loves when she gets to rescue them out of fires and safely get them to their parents, and knowing they are safe.

This was a topic that always was talked about, no matter if friends or family were around. They had already picked out names for the baby's. Already knew what type of outfit they wanted for when they bring them home. They just had everything planned out perfectly. Carina had finally walked out of the restroom after washing her hands. "Timers set so now all we have to do is wait." She said as her wife pulled her into her. "I'm nervous." Maya said.
"Why bella?"
"I don't know. I just am."
"It's gonna be ok." She said resting her head on her shoulder. This was probably one of the longest three minutes of their life.

Once the timer finally went off, it was time for them to flip it. "Ok you or me?" Carina asked as they stood there in front of their bathroom counter. "Both." They took their hands and intertwined them with each other. "1...2...3." Counted down Maya and then they flipped it. "*gasps* No way!! Bella do you see this?" Carina said getting excited. Maya couldn't even talk. She had happy tears running down her face. It's funny how you can go from being the toughest captain at work to being the softest little bean at home. "We're having a baby." She had finally said. "We're having a baby!!" said Carina and she turned around to give Maya a kiss.

*About 8 1/2 months later*

"You ready to go?" The blonde asked as she finished up lacing her shoes. "Carina!!" She yelled as she walked back up the stairs. Still no answer from the brunette. Maya made her way back into their room, in the bathroom, to find Carina standing there. "Baby are you ok?" Maya asked her wife. She shook her head and then turned towards her.

"I'm having the most painful contractions." She said in disbelief rubbing her belly. Mayas face went soft and she quickly rushed to Carinas side to attempt to do something to help. She replaced Carinas hands with hers and continued to rub her belly. Carina let her head fall back into Mayas shoulders head as a sign of comfort. But then another contraction came. "Ahhhh!!!" Carina yelled out. Maya felt hopeless in this situation. She knew there was nothing she could do besides be there for Carina every step of the way.

"How about we forget that walk and go lay down?" Maya suggested. Carina nodded and then the couple slowly walked towards the bed. "Can you get me some water please?" Carina whispered
"Of course my love." Maya whispered back.
While Maya was gone Carina tried to make herself as comfortable as she could. She knew she was at the end of her pregnancy and could pop any moment. Her and Maya both started their parental leave from work a couple weeks back and they could do now was wait on their baby to be born. 

Maya came back upstairs with water bottle and little snacks Carina could eat. During times like this Carina wasn't really a big eater and Maya knew that if she didn't even have a snack or something it would be bad. "Can we cuddle please?" Carina asked after taking a big sip from her water. "Anything for you my love." She replied and that's exactly what they did.

Around 2:34 in the morning Maya woke up to the sounds of Carina coming from the bathroom. "My love what are you doing?" She asked getting up from the bed. "Contractions." Car whispered. "Why didn't you wake me?"
"I didn't want to."
"But baby you should have. How long are they apart?"
"8 to 9 minutes as of right now."

"One more push my love you got this." Maya whispered to Carina along with holding her hand and rubbing her fingers through her hair with the other. Carina was exhausted. She had been pushing for what felt like hours. But she did know  she was close to being finished and at any moment she could hear her baby's cries. And that was all she wanted. "Carina I know you know what to do but I need you to push whenever you feel another contraction" said Dr. Wilson. When she felt another one come along she pushed as hard as she could.  She screaming to the top of her lungs.

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