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Please read the entire note
~It's finally here! The sequel to the first fanfiction, which changed my whole perspective on writing, with the help of you guys. Thank you so much 💕. To anyone new here, I highly suggest you read the first fanfiction, otherwise this story will make no sense whatsoever. After this is a short chapter that will sum up everything that's happened between Madison & Cam within the months, because this story takes place about seven months later.

There will be a few references to the first book, so please, for the sweet love of cheese fries, read the first book if you have not done so yet. It's extremely short and won't take long. My chapters aren't long.
I'd love to read your stories as well, but please do not post about your story on here, it will be deleted. If you inbox me, and I read your story, and maybe make a shoutout in another one of my author's notes.

By the way, I will post an author's note at the end of each chapter. Just to stay close to my readers ☺️
To be clear, I wrote and published this story July of 2015 at 17years old.

To stay in tuned with me, follow my social networks listed in my bio. Thank you!

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