I’m not sure I could ever describe the thing that washed up out of the water. It was putrid and a gooey mess. That’s all I could say about it. Jack was standing in front of it with his eyes in shock. We started slowly backing away from the ‘thing’, until it started moving. I poked it with a large stick and it started moving more. I dropped the stick and Jack and I started walking backwards. Then, all of a sudden the putrescent mess stood up big and tall. It towered over us. Jack and I darted back through the woods and the ‘thing’ followed. It was stomping through the trees avoiding everything in its way. Jack and I were about fifty meters in front, but ‘the thing’ was catching up because it was so big. We ran as fast as we could, until we hit a dead end.

“What do we do now?” Jack yelled.

“I don’t know, just hide!”

Jack ran to a small cave and yanked me in with him.

“We shouldn’t have come here.” Jack whispered.

I stayed silent, he was right.


I heard a scream and I turned around, Jack was gone. I couldn’t hear ‘the thing’ anymore. I was left all alone in the woods. I decided to get out of the cave and find jack. I followed these giant footsteps that dug into the ground. It lead to an old rundown shack. I went inside and found Jack lying on the floor dead with blood everywhere. I kneeled down and looked at him, then I heard the door creak behind me. The door was now wide open but no one was there, only an axe. I was now freaking out. I couldn’t see anyone anywhere. Until there was a dark shadow in the distance. I didn’t know whether or not to walk towards it, so I just stayed still. Then all of a sudden I was drenched in blood…

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