Scott Campbell and the Vengeance Ghost

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"What brings you to Ministry at this time of day?"

Katherine "Kitty" Weems did not expect Scott Campbell to show up at the secret lair of that ancient monster-hunting organization so early in the day, but he was on the way to his "day" (actually, swing shift, but you get the gist) job, and thought it would be convenient to stop by, considering that Ministry's local headquarters, in the bowels of St. Michael's Catholic Church, was fairly near Scott's place of work at Simeon College. It wasn't really an important visit anyway, and Scott wasn't planning to stay long.

"What, am I not allowed to visit before night time?" Scott asked.

"Oh, no! It's just unusual, that's all."

Indeed, as it was. Scott was a night owl, even before he became a vampire, so Kitty did have a valid reason for asking.

"I burned some episodes of Angel for Jeremiah. I thought he'd get a kick out of it."

"Angel? I love that show! David Boreanaz makes such a hot vampire! And now he's in a show where he's married to a forensic anthropologist! That's everything I love -- vampires, forensics, anthropology, and a hot guy!"

"Okay, Kitty, stop drooling over David Boreanaz. Besides, you've got a real hot guy vampire right here!"

"No, Jeremiah is out of town today. I thought you knew that."

"Uh, I was talking about me."

"You? Hot? Oh! Sorry! Yeah, of course, you... anyway."

Scott huffed his indignation at Kitty's unintentional slight. "Well, I see where your mind is at!"

"Oh, now, it's not like that!"

"Now, Kitty, I kid. Really, though, I totally get it. Jeremiah is one hot creature of the night. Heck, if I swung that way, I'd have a crush on him. But I am not here to discuss male attractiveness, I'm here to get my illegally burned DVD."

Kitty's brow furrowed. "Illegally burned DVD? Seriously?"

"Kitty, I'm a vampire. Illegally downloading TV shows is probably not the worst thing I am capable of."

"Granted. Still, you shouldn't do it!"

"I'll take that under advisement. Jeremiah said he'd leave it at his desk before he went out of town."

"Okay then. Better get the evidence of your crime quick, before the cops show up! That was a joke, by the way."

Perhaps a joke, but she sounded serious, unusually so for Kitty Weems. "Uh, sure, yeah, joke. I'll just go on over to Jeremiah's desk and get my 'evidence' then."

Scott headed toward a desk on the far side of the main chamber of Ministry. The desk, which was against the stone wall, was littered with various documents, some of which looked to be quite old and possibly valuable. A couple elderly books, their leather binding aged and somewhat distressed, sat upon Jeremiah's desk as well – Scott knew better than to mess with those, as they could well be from Ministry's collection of grimoires and books of spells (more, of course, for research and education than for actual use, as that would be against Ministry's rules). Scott pushed some of the papers aside and spied not one, but several CDs in plastic jewel cases.

"Scott, wait!" Kitty cried.

"I know. I won't read the books of dark magic spells, I promise!"

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