Eye spy..... A REMOTE. Ah! FOUND IT! The boys didn't notice me coming in. I don't know how they didn't. There were like 7-8 of them? I swiftly took the remote and changed it to SpongeBob SquarePants. I mean, who doesn't like SpongeBob? I love it.

"Luke who's this hot chick?" One of the guys said. I pretended that I didn't hear him otherwise I would've slapped him so hard he would've seen stars from every flag ever created. My, my that's a lot of flags. I think I'll let my brother take care of him. I could hear Tyler laughing his ass off. He would obviously know that I'm fuming inside.

"Dude." My brother groaned. "That's my twin sister, Bella."

I turned my head to be faced by a boy with amazing hazel eyes but they were splattered with more of a green colour. I looked around a bit at all the boys that I hadn't acknowledged before. I suddenly felt quite self-conscious about myself. You might be thinking. What the hell?! But these guys were hot. Do you understand what I mean? Sitting in the midst of gods.

"What's up? Cat got your tounge?" Tyler asked. I snapped out of my short of trance.

"Shut up" I glared at Tyler. "So are you not going to introduce me to your friends Luke?" I said as sweetly as possible.

"No." He said dismissively.

"You know my friends." I hated how he never let me get close to any boys.

"And?" He smirked.

"I'm telling mom." Yes the big guns. I grabbed my phone.

"I'm telling her you dyed my hair purple" he said quickly trying to grab my phone.

I faked a gasp. "You wouldn't." I said holding my chest in fake hurt.

"Dude are you seriously buying this?" A guy with midnight black hair said.

"No" my brother snapped, defending himself.

I laughed. "I don't care if you tell mom what I did. She will just ground me. Tell dad and I swear to God you will not have a pretty face anymore" I threatened him.

"Damn she's hot" another guy with black-brownish hair said.

I turned to him. "Do you want a not so pretty face too?" I questioned him.

"I'd lik-" he was cut off by Tyler interrupting.

"You really don't want to mess with her. She is a fighter. Trust me."

The other guys were finding this while scene before them amusing. I groaned "Forget it Luke"

He smiled happily as he didn't want to deal with me anymore.

"We can introduce ourselves" a boy with striking blue eyes, brown hair and blonde highlights said. I looked at the sort of circle of boys

"Hi babe, I'm Chase Bradley" the guy with dark chocolatey coloured hair spoke. He also winked at me. He's going to get it later.

"Hi, I'm Troye King." The guy with jet black hair said. He also winked. Is there something wrong with these boys' eyes? I think they need them checked. Yeh, that's it. They need their eyes checked.

"Hey, I'm Sean Lawson." A guy with brown hair and amazing blue eyes said.

"Hi, I'm Nash Grier." The guy with the striking blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights said.

"Hi babe, my name is Collins. Chris Collins." Said the guy from before. I laughed a little.

"Hi love, I'm Jack Harries." His British accent making me weak. Damn accents.

"Hi I-" I cut Tyler off.

"I already know you stupid" I smiled hitting his shoulder. Luke didn't bother introducing himself since I lived with him everyday. Ugh! He's annoying.

I turned to the last boy, that hadn't introduced himself. I've never seen this guy before. I've seen the rest of the guys in school but, never talked to them. Who is this guy? He was hot. Greek god hot. Maybe he was a god. I wouldn't be surprised.

His chestnut hair was a tousled mess on top of his head. His honey coloured eyes bored into mine and then he raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"I'm-" I cut him off.

"Who are you? Do you go to our school? What's your name? How old are you? Do I know you?" I fired questions at him. My brother laughed nervously. The hot guy in front of me looked amused.

"I'm going to ask you a series of questions. You will answer or else." I said formally. Jesus! I feel like I'm questioning a criminal. Okay, I probably seem creepy to this guy. The guys were amused by me, that's a good sign right?

He just nodded and smirked.


"Dylan Knight" he replied.




"Cross High"


"Ashley Benson." Dylan still smriked. Obviously it would be the school slut.

"You might want to tell her she has a suprise coming in" I smiled widely. "Status in School?"

"Bad boy...."

So guys this is set in California. I'm going to try my best with the American english because as you know I'm British. So yeh! Woooo. The English people!!!!

I rewrote the CHAPTER because I wanted to add more. Xx Sadia





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