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Small side note: y'all are getting triggered because I called Ashley Benson a slut in the story but if you look at the cast my character Ashley Benson is not played by the real Ashley Benson. So chill, okay? Because at the time I just made up the name because it sounded great and I had not realised there was a real Ashley Benson (I do not watch Pretty Little Liars) and I have no intention of changing the name either

Bella's POV

It was a normal Sunday. Me being bored out of my mind. My brother out with his 'gang.'

I wasn't allowed to go out. I was grounded. Sucks to be me! Not really. My friends, Alex and Dani and Tyler (Tyler is in my brother's 'gang'), were out. Leaving me alone to suffer like this.

I was only grounded for a couple of days because I might have played 'I'm Sexy And I Know It' through the intercom and then told the whole school about some teachers having sex. It wasn't that bad. I mean like they should have not done it in a janitors closet. Like seriously talk about unique, that's so common.

I was bored out of my mind. I had listened to music already. I had read a book. Watched Vines. Followed some people on Twitter. Laughed at people reacting to Musical.ly fuckboys.

I wore a simple outfit for today. Consisting of: some Uggs, blue shorts and a tiger jumper that went mid thigh. I wore no makeup. I was blessed with an amazing face (as my three bestfriends would say) but, it's not as amazing as my brothers, Luke, he had some amazing cheek bones. I'd die for amazing cheek bones like that.

Anyway, I'm bored and hungry. My stomach growled. Woah calm down. My stomach growled again. "Geez I'm going" I muttered to myself.

I was walking down the stairs. Casually walking, nothing suspicious here. I wish I could fly down instead or ride a unicorn down.

Anyway, as I was walking down the stairs. I heard lots of laughs. Shit! People were here. Maybe there are thieves downstairs? No! They wouldn't laugh, whilst on a mission to steal things from my beautiful house.

I quickly turned around, but me being the clumsy person I am managed to step on my foot and fall. I fell down the stairs. Jesus! It hurts.

I groaned. I was in this awkward star shape position. So, half my body was on the floor and half of it was on the stairs. I heard lots of laughs again. Well, these thieves are very rude!

I quickly got up. Brushing, myself clean from the dust. I looked to see Luke and some of the gang on the couch. They were all doing different things.

My brother was still laughing his ass off. "Hey bro." He laughed in response to me.

"So what's up with your hair?" I smirked deviously, looking at his purple hair. Yes, my latest prank was dying his hair. Don't worry, to all those girls,  who have fallen for my brother, it washes off.

He quickly composed himself and glared at me. I quickly grabbed my phone, which was in my back pocket, and snapped a photo of him. I laughed. "Oh Luke." I smirked. "Watch your back!"

I walked out, wanting to get some food. It was like there were lions in my stomach, growling to be fed.

I was craving some kiwi and pineapples. I might as well have a fruit salad, but not banana. Ewww, no. Bananas are gross. Hahah not like that you dirty minded people.

I hummed a little tune, whilst cutting the fruit. (NOT BANANAS). When I was finally done, I put it in a bowl and grabbed a fork and walked out of the room.

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