Dear journal,

I haven't written in here in forever; sadly, I misplaced you, but Dad found it somewhere in the trunk of his car, so forgive me.

Much has happened since seven months ago (the last time I probably wrote in you), but everything, and everyone is still the same, except for Matt. He moved to New York City after some video he posted on YouTube, and meeting Ellen DeGeneres. Now he's somewhat famous, and all because of some stupid video, that didn't even last for a minute.

Nash can still be a jerk here and there, but he supports our relationship 100%. We've become really close over the months. Dare I say, best friends. As for Carter, well, he has a girlfriend now, and it has shocked us all. He picked the wrong girl, but that's not my business. But most importantly, Cameron is still Cameron. And our love has grown deeper and deeper as days goes by, and tomorrow, it'll be deeper than ever, with our eight-month anniversary tomorrow night.

Normally, I'd cancel, because a certain bug named Brooklynn would try to ruin our date, but excitingly, her family moved to Oklahoma, making life a whole lot easier.

The only twist to the dinner tomorrow night, is that it's Carter's night too. Almost a month ago, Carter met some girl at the mall, and Nash and Cam told him to use a corny pickup line, and surprisingly it worked. Soon after that, they began dating, and she became a new student to our school.

Her name is Macy Ford, and she reminds of a kitten; because they are just the cutest thing, until you poke them. Her obnoxious level is pretty high, and so is her ego. Once she starts talking, she doesn't stop, like ever. I don't know what Carter sees in her, because he can do better. Now thanks to Cam for being such a sweetheart, we have to have a double date tomorrow night.

But I have other problems; after my mom found out about Mason being the reason for Mr. Dallas's passing, she's been out on her own, I can't remember the last time we've talked, video-chatted, or emailed, and it seems to me like she wants to go her own separate ways; I know she said she'd never be that kind of mom, but it seems like it to me. We all want to be there for her, but it seems like she doesn't want us to be. Wish me luck on life Journal,



~Author's Note
You can ignore the '***', it just means I'm editing that paragraph or line later.
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