Larry Stylinson

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So i was on omegle and I found my wifey<3

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Larry Stylinson.

"Harry will never love you," Louis whispered to himself slashing a blade across his wrist feeling thr sweet relief of the blood existing his body "You're too fat, your too ugly, you're too annoying, stop trying," he muttered to himself slashing another cut.
The thing about Louis is, he was in love with his best friend. only Harry could/never/love him back, so Louis thought. Harry was atcually head over heels for the boy, Louis just didn't see it, instead
he took his pain out on himself, slitting his wrist every night, not eating anything, and throwing up what he did end up eating. He sat alone with the blade in his hand crying his eyes out, little did he know that just down the hall Harry was walking to Louis' door. Harry opened
the door, "Hey Lou, wha-.." he was cut off when he saw the sight in front of him, Louis with a wrist scarred and several brand new bleeding cuts.

Stranger: Louis! what are you doing!" Harry yelled runnin forward to grab the blade from him

You: Louis jerked a little "i-i-i, i um. It's nothing Harry"

Stranger: "Its nothing!! Its nothing!!?!? What are you doing! Gimmie the blade!" Harry said, getting the blade, but cut his palm while doing so. A stinging pain went through his arm.

You: "Oh my god, Harry are you okay?!" Louis jumped up rushing to get a towel running back putting the towel on Harry's cut.

Stranger: "I'm fine, I'm fine. But you have to tel me /now/, why on earth were you doing this to yourself!!" Harry put the towel on Louis' cuts instead of his own.

You: "I.. Well.. Harry, just don't leave me, okay? If i tell you. Promise me you won't leave? Please" Louis said as he dropped to the ground crying

Stranger: "God, Louis! Why would I leave you! Whats going on?! And please stop crying! I dont like seeing my boo upset," Harrry sank into the floor next to Louis, wiping his tears away with his good hand

You: "I love you harry. I always have, but im not good enough for you. I'm too fat, too annoying, not perfect enough. I don't deserve you. I'm so sorry, Harry." Louis said sniffling trying to hold back the tears but he couldn't he broke down.

Stranger: Harry was shocked. "Louis! You are not fat! Have you seen your six pack? I have and i love it! your are not annoying, i love how you jump around and dance and yell! And you're perfect to me, and i love you and all your little things," Harry quoted one of their songs. He was crying now, too. (omg dude im crying! this is too perf)

You: (omg, i know. Your really good btw!) "Really?" Louis was taken back he didn't expect that response "I just didn't think you loved me back. Do you really love me, Haz?" Louis asked in a shaky voice.

Stranger: Harry didnt respond, instead he grabbed Louis' face and kissed him. It was slow and passionate, nothing but pure love. Their tears smeared together. (thanks, ive been writing for a few years. Ur good too!)

You: Louis smiled into the kiss. How could he not? The boy he loves just kissed him. Louis pulled back "Harry, I love you. And i truly am sorry. I just didn't want to tell you and you not feel the same way," (Thanks! i have been writing for awhile too)

Stranger: "Wow, was it really not that obvious? I've been dropping hints that i liked you for over 2 years now!" Harry said cradling Louis' face in his hand, even though the pain from hte cut was still there. "I love you Louis, alot, now promis me, you wont do this anymore! Please?"

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