What the hell mum.

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It's funny how someone has the power to ruin your whole day with their words.

For example; my mum.

My day was going well. I had gotten the lead in the next ballet recital, today was my boyfriend's and I's three year anniversary, and I got promoted to a solist. I had left ballet practice in cloud nine. I thought about Harry's beautiful green eyes on my way home, and slowly hummed my favourite song as I entered my house. Only to be interrupted by my mum as she ran up to me and hugged me really thight.

"What the hell mum?" I groaned and pushed her off me.

She ignored my glares and helped me pull my dance bag off me and placed it besides her before grabbing my hands and grinning really wide it hurt my face. "You're scaring the bloody shit out of me." I said. She ignored my foul language and took a deep breath.

"Okay honey, I have some really big news." She stated.


"I got promoted."


"Bloody cool!" She added.

"Mum!" So not cool.

"Back to the news," She smiled again and her hands began moving around, which made my hands mock her moves. "I got promoted! I will be the head psychologist for the new wing of a new hospital!" She gushed out excitedly.

I grinned, and hugged her. "Wow mum, that is cool." I said into our hug. She pulled back and looked serious. "Baby.... The new Hospital is in another city." She added. My grin faded away, and she fiddled with her hands.

"Okay, I can always take the train here right? Its not that far right?" I asked.

"The new hospital is in another country Leah." My mum said.

"What the hell mum?"

And that's how my great day turned into shit.

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