15. 𝕭𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖐 𝖀𝖕

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15 - Dangerous women ᴀ

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15 - Dangerous women ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

"Tohru, y/n, Yuki. Kyo! It's bad! It's really bad!"

"Yea well it's bad here too." Uotani said

Momiji comes running into the second year's classroom.

"What's happening?" Momiji asked.

"Well we are trying to pick what we want to do for our class trip." Tohru said to the boy.

"That sounds fun! When is it?" Momiji stepped closer to Tohru waiting for her answer.

"It's not till the fall. We know where we're going though."


"Kyoto and Nara. Same old same old." Uotani answered.

"I wish I could go!" Momiji frowned.

"Probably could." You told him. "Of course if you paid for yourself."

"Sure! Sounds good to me!" Momiji jumped up with joy putting his fist in the air.

"Not me!" Kyo yelled in the boy's face.

"Kyo is extra grouchy today."

"Yea. Probably his group members." You guessed.

"Hm...but aren't you in it?" Momiji was confused as to why Kyo would be upset about his group. Especially when you were in it.

"It's obviously not because of y/n." Kyo said getting more than agitated. "It's because of that idiot. If he's going I'm not. I'm tired of having to hangout with him all the damn time. It's dumb, group activity's aren't even mandatory."

"Maybe not. But it's so much more fun when you're there. Who else are we going to mess with?" Uotani said with Hanijima shaking her head in agreement.

"So I'm just a chew toy to you?"


"No way screw you guys!"

"Kyo! You big dummy! You should be grateful you're going on a trip with your girlfriend in the first place! Maybe I should take your spot! We'd have so much fun eating dear crackers! Don't you want to do that too?" Momiji shoved Kyo while shouting that at him.

"You idiot of course I do!"

Yuki walks into the classroom ignoring Kyo's yelling.

"Yuki! How is the student council?" Tohru greeted him.

"Hey, isn't y/n supposed to be in the student council too?" You eyes went wide at Uotanis statement.

"Shit...I am. But I'll just go to the next meeting. Maybe." Your were the historian for your school. It was kind of an important job. And you knew that. Ish.

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