Chapter 18 - You can run, but you can't✔

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The redhead was panting heavily as she ran across the street into the second part of the cemetery. The hounds ran after the girl shifting into their animal forms. 

Violet was watching from the distance with Luca by her side.

"What are you planning on doing?" Luca asked.

Violet started walking towards the other side with Luca closely tailing her. Mina, Masha and Svetlana were making sure the redhead didn't go too far, while Vlad stayed in the house.

"I'll make her biggest nightmare come alive."

As they walked Violet spotted an empty spot in the ground. She smirked and turned towards Luca.

"I'll go get the shovels." Luca sighed and went to look for a shovel.


'Egor block her way!' 

Oliver yelled. The five wolves were jumping and tackling tombstones like professional football players. 

Mia ran towards the exit but Svetlana's fangs scared her to a stop. She quickly ran in the other direction as she evaded Andrew's claws. The only thing running through her mind was 'why in Hell's name was she being hunted? And what are these people?' 

Mia saw the small house in which her father worked. Her father was the keeper of the cemetery, his job was to sell candles and make sure nobody stole or vandalized the tombstones.

Mia ran in there locking herself inside. She fumbled through her jean pocket getting her phone. The phone dropped on the floor as she tried to dial someone for help. In that moment everything became quiet.

She couldn't hear the heavy breathing of the wolves, nor the hissing of the vampires. 

Mia broke out into a cold sweat. She felt as if she was in one of those horror movies Violet loved. Ironically, Violet always wanted to scare someone like this. She missed her friend. But there was no going back now.

She decided to ignore and hate Violet for the benefit of staying friends with Ursula and Jena. But slowly she began to see that Violet was a much better friend than those two put together.

'She's inside that house.'

'I know, should we wait for Violet's orders or what?+

'God I feel like we're inside the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.'

'You and me both.'

'Will you stop lollygagging and get the girl out already?'

'Jee sorry miss bloodsucker.'


Violet's voice echoed through their minds. She was getting irritated with their constant whining and bickering.

Andrew rolled his eyes having enough of this hide and seek game. He went closer to the door and heard Mia's breathing increase. He heard her curse under her breath and decided to break the door down.

Andrew broke the door with ease making Mia gasp and scream. The girl ran past him earning a wound in her arm. The four hounds outside jumped on the girl, but she was quick to take them down.

Mia was an ultimate fighter but an inexperienced one. She never fought in a real fight, 'till now.

Mia started running back to her house but every exit she tried, she'd be stopped by either Mina, Masha or Svetlana. She was running out of places to hide and exits to check. She stopped to catch her breath but as she turned to run, Violet smacked her in the head with the shovel she was holding.

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