❤️HeadCannons Part 6: Spicy Edition (GIRLS/WOMEN)❤️

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Okay first off— HOLY SHIT OVER HALF A MILLION PEOPLE HAVE READ MY STORY—WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM??? Secondly, thank you for all the support! I love writing for you guys, even if I make you wait forever.. hehe... sorry..
But a thank you isn't what you came here for, I know, here are your head cannons you horny little weebs.
Over 500k lemon goblins... oml

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ochako's favorite way to tease is with her touch. Since she can't put her entire hand on you, she likes to run one or two fingers down your stomach or spine, or play with your hair.

Tsu's tongue game on fleek. Need I say more?

Mina's got those leds lights on her walls, once they turn hot pink, it's game on. They are rarely ever red, mostly pink and purple.

Jiro makes "Baby Making Playlists" for the two of you. (Some she even wrote herself—shhh)

Toga is into knife play and is a sadomasochistic, she loves to make her lover bleed as well as receiving it in return. Needless to say, you have a couple scars from her taking it just a little too far.

Momo dresses in lingerie specifically for those nights, and she lets you pick out some for her when y'all go out shopping.

If you're playing games, Nejire will sit on your lap facing you and snuggle you, leaving hickeys on your neck while you play. (It often messes you up but does that mean you'll make her stop? No)

Mirko has sensitive ears, like Hawks' wings, they send her into overdrive. And she has rabbit habits, even sexual ones.

Midnight has many, many, toys and such, she has a dungeon of her own full of them. She uses them on you all the time, things are always interesting with her. (Yes, she pegs you)

Got fantasies about certain places? Camie can help with that. Just say the word and it's almost like you're transported to a sunny beach.

- END -

I feel like there are other women/girls I can do... but :/

Any who, enjoy the meal lil weirdos, Lemon out.

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