Part 4

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When we pulled up to where we were going to eat I was surprised I thought they would go somewhere fancy but it was just a simple diner I looked over the menu as we entered and decided on what I would eat just as the guys pulled up. "What took you so long?" Ashly questioned

"Traffic" Eugene said pulling a chair up next to me Ashly gave me a smart look before turning to the door where Sara was coming in

"Ashly you left me behind What the Hell!!"Sara said sitting down beside Ashly and Keith

"I was distracted"

"By what'

"Andrew" I whispered everyone turned to look at me before bursting out laughing well everyone except Ashly and Andrew who looked everywhere but each other Ashly blushing like a mad man. Eugene placed a hand on my shoulder trying to stop laughing. We talked for a couple more minutes before the waitress came over and she was flirting with every guy at our table but I think that only Ashly and I noticed. When she got to me I ordered a burger and fries Eugene turned and started at me "what!?"I said looking at him

"Y/N you took my order" I looked at him and laughed before he turned back to waitress. I had to hold back my laughter as she basically shoved her chest into Eugene's face before moving on to ned, after she left Ashly, Sara and I burst out laughing "what" all of the guys questioned

"Nothing yo-you wouldn't get it" Ashly said stumbling over her words as she laughed.

The food was finally brought over by the same waitress Eugene muttered a thank you and kept talking to me instead of paying attention to her well-endowed chest she gave me the evils and stalked off. I started to pick at my fries while talking to Sara when Eugene started to take them I hissed at him and he burst out laughing everyone at our table and in the restaurant turned around I hit him and we started play fighting

It was about 1:30 when we stated to leave and Eugene offered me a ride home Ashly turned around "hell no she's going with me" and grabbed my arm

"No she's going with me" Eugene said grabbing onto my other arm

"guys please I'm in pain" Ashley let go flinging me into Eugene he fell onto the ground pulling me into his chest to break me fall Ashly laughed walking off twirling her car keys around her finger ok it seems like every one can do that but me "sorry" I said looking up at Eugene from my place on his chest

"Its fine" he said helping me up and walking me to his car making small talk on the way and being cute

When we pulled up to my house I looked at him" u-um do you want some gas money"

"Nah its fine I pick you up and drop you off on my way so it's fine"

"Thanks Eugene"

I spent the rest of the day and night looking forward to work the next day because as I was getting out of the car the look he gave me made my stomach do back flips and I just feel like its goanna be a good day.

thanks to the-cult :-) go read their boks please!

Hey guys I finally updated yay thanks for reading and if I got anything wrong please tell me and Ashly changed her name right there's no e now? Any way thank you

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