Chapter Forty-Five

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(Y/n)'s POV

I walked as my light pink pumps clicked with each step I take on the office, on the way to see my lovely husband. I wont lie I am not the type to wear heels because I might trip and fall, but practice makes perfect especially after that horrific accident at my wedding. I stopped in front of the elevator and pushed the arrow pointing up button. I tapped my shoe and waited, looking down to my beige, high waisted a-line skirt while smoothening out the wrinkles. I fixed the bow of my silk gathered blouse and rolled up the sleeves as I hummed to myself quietly. I fixed my hair and combed through with my fingers as I smiled at my blurry figure at the elevator door.

I heard a ding! sound as the elevator doors opened, the workers becoming quiet and avoiding any eye contact with me as they passed through quickly. I gave them a small smile, feeling rather a bit concerned and thought of what I might have done to offend them. I stepped inside the elevator and just before it could close, a man with his gray suit on and lazily tied tie came to view with his suitcase in hand. He walked in a very fast pace, trying to reach the elevator as I clicked the arrows pointing outward, opening the halfway closed door.

The man looked at me and stopped in front of the elevator, the doors of the elevator began to shut but I pushed the button again. "Oh, please! do come in!" I said with a smile as he smiled and turned away and quickly walking off to the door that led to the stairs of the building. I frowned as it came along with a sigh. I closed the door and waited patiently for the elevator to take me to the 40th floor.

I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at my teeth and face, looking if I had a stain or something on me but there was nothing. ding! I heard the elevator made as I turned to my heels and got out of the elevator. I approached the desk, the man named Zach avoiding contact as his eyes was glued to the computer. Leo mentioned him before as the new desk man. "Mr. Leo has been waiting for you inside the office." He said, "Thank you." I replied back with a smile as I walked off. I never told Leo I would come by at all.

I went inside Leo's office and saw a man talking to Leo. I went beside the door and stood there, waiting for their conversation to end. The man turned around and looked at me, giving me a nod as a greeting as I nod back. I looked down to his id and saw a glimpse of his name, Sebastian. What a lovely name.

"Good morning love, what brings you here?" Asked Leo, "Well, you seemed in a hurry Leo and the maid told me you didn't have time for breakfast, so I made you some instead!" I said as I put the containers down filled with what I made. "I made you an omelet and also some freshly cut tomatoes, a piece of bread and also some bacon. I'm not really that when it comes to food because I only know how to eat the food, but I hope you like it Leo." I explained as he chuckled, "Anything that my wife makes will always be spectacular, thank you (y/n) my love." he replied as he put a spoonful of omelet.

"Soooo? How is it Leo?" I asked, "Spectacular, as always," he replied "You should cook more, love. Just for me though, I don't want you to cook for anyone else!" he said with a smile while I let out a chuckle. "Of course I will, Leo. Anything for you." I replied back. I bent down, giving him a passionate kiss on the lips as he leaned forward.

He put his hand behind my head, clutching on my hair and pushed me forward. I caressed both of his cheeks with my hands, his other hand lifting up my skirt as I stopped him. I pulled away and sigh, "Not here. Leo." I chuckled. I got up but was pulled towards him by his hand that snaked around my waist, "Fine. Then just one more kiss." he replied back, I nod. He leaned forward and before we knew it, the doors to his office burst open.

I backed away immediately and was faced with uncle Leonardo. "Am I interrupting something?" asked uncle Leonardo. I felt myself heating up like a tomato as I shook my head no. "Of course you are, father." Leo replied back, rolling his eyes. I looked at Leo, obviously embarrassed and annoyed as uncle Leonardo let out a laugh. "You two lovebirds can finish your session later. Leo, we need to discuss about something rather important." uncle Leonardo stared, "Thank you for the breakfast love, but you must leave now. I'll be home later, yeah?" I nod my head and walked passed uncle Leonardo as I greeted and smiled at him.

Before I could completely get out of the office walls Leo stopped me halfway, "Oh, and let's continue our session later, (y/n) love." Leo said as he winked at me. I rolled my eyes, feeling myself flustering as I immediately exit out of the door. I stayed stock-still for a while until I felt better to walk without the embarrassment lingering through the air.

"Leo, he's dead." I heard uncle Leonardo's voice that caught my attention and before I could even lean closer to the door, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Sebastian towering over me. "Mr. Ainsley has asked me to assist you back to your car, I'm very sorry for the wait." Sebastian said, "I...its fine" I said with a small smile as he assisted me away from the office, looking back once more at the door with filled thoughts.

I woke up, feeling like there's restrictions in my lungs as I breath in deeply. I stayed still for a moment, not wanting to move as I let go all of the air. But at last, I did. I opened my eyes, feeling my arms restricted against the wooden chair I sat on. "How was your sleep, my love?" I heard the dreadful voice of the monster I hated the most. "Lovely. For a moment, I thought I was dead and freed from hell," I heard him chuckle, feeling the tight ropes that wrapped around my ankles and my head attached to something metallic.

"Did you really think I was dead that you're starting to experiment on me? To what? Make me a Frankenstein?" I asked. I saw Sebastian come inside and sat down on the floor, not saying anything. "My love, I think its time you learn to behave yourself." said Leo, "And I believe the only way to do so is my way." Leo smiled at me. "I believe you know those electric chairs? The ones where you most likely die." He explained as he walked towards me, "But I won't kill you (y/n)...I'll just help you to behave yourself." he said.

And then it hit me. I felt a wave what I didn't know could be pain. I felt every inch of my body vibrating. I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. And for that second, my mind felt blank and I heard nothing but muffled laughs. I hated it. From what felt like an eternity, it stopped.

"How was it my love?" Leo asked, but I didn't respond. He looked at Sebastian as he stood up, untying my wrist and ankles. He pulled me up, but I could not feel every inch of my body. "Take her to the isolation room." Leo said. Sebastian pulled me up and took me down to the basement, where I smelled a strong stench of decay. The room had only a ceiling light, but it was still dim. There was no body, but only a bed and a table beside it. Sebastian threw me inside as he went up the stairs, locking the door behind him.

It felt quiet and cold, and I didn't know what to expect for every wall I face is the same as the other. I felt tears running down, my hopes feeling diminished. I closed my eyes, and felt nothing but the cold floor. As what felt like hours, I heard the door open once again. "(Y/n), darling?" I heard him called out. He looked at me and smiled, "Look how behave you are, I see that my treatment works." he chuckled, caressing my cheek. I slapped his hand away, "Don't ever touch me." I hissed.

"I know you killed Franzeska. Shot dead in the face." He said. I stayed quiet and turned to the floor, fisting my hands into a ball. "You're a murderer, (Y/n)." Leo said, "I'm not like you." I snapped back, looking straight at his face. "I did it to live." I added, biting down on my lip. "But does she deserved death? she is still a human, (y/n) killed her and took her away from a family." Leo sighed. I didn't want to listen anymore, but I could only cover my ears.

"(Y/n), you're like me! A murderer! A killer! You shot her in the face, (y/n)." Leo chuckled, "Shut up! I'm not like you! Shut up! shut up! shut up!" I yelled. He got up as I felt his hands clench on my face, turning me towards him. He bent down, our face close to each other's. "You're a murderer, my love." he whispered, pushing me back as he left my room.

Murderer. That word spun around me like birds, and felt every inch of my body turning against me. My own thoughts and feelings, holding knives and swords as guilt pieced through every inch of me. "Shut up..." I whispered.

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