Chapter 2

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I'm literally writing this during online class but i just have so much fun writing and this class is kind of boring. Anyway was the last chapter ok? was it long or short? Remember to tell me in the comments if you have any suggestions. ily


Marinette was tempted to just jump on her bed and fall asleep as soon as she got home but she knew that she would see his face again and just the thought of having to relive those moments made her wanna prepare a big cup of coffee and do her homework while the afternoon light was shining through her windows.

It was about 9pm when she wished her parents goodnight, even thought she had no intention to go to sleep that early. She looked over to her Kwami and smiled while saying the words. After having transformed she started running on the rooftops of Paris, the wind hitting her face and the sound of cars and people far below her. She felt like she was flying. It was moments like this that she felt the happiest. She was so thankful for her little Kwami and the opportunity Master Fu had given her, not many teenagers could run to the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the night with their cat-themed best friend.

Tonight Chat wouldn't be joining her, and she couldn't help but to be relived, when she was Ladybug she had to be strong and confident and even though she liked that feeling she could't keep it up when she was this tired.

After a couple of rounds around the city to make sure there weren't any Akumas endangering the Parisians she slipped back into her room, de-transforming as she landed on her bed. A couple of minutes later she heard a faint knock on her trap door.

She knew who it was but she froze. Had he seen her de-transform? Probably not, he would have knocked sooner, Marinette was just overthinking.

Her Kwami dove in her owners pillowcase as the bluenette opened the trapdoor to meet those familiar green eyes. He of course had a smirk on his stupid face but, as much as she hated admitting it, she did like seeing him happy and cocky.

"Hey Chat" she said while she made her way onto her terrace. Chat gave her a quizzical expression at how nonchalant she was with him, he knew that many people would faint at the sight of him on their balcony, especially his many fanboys and girls.

Marinette seemed to notice and reminded herself that she wasn't Ladybug in that moment, she needed to put on her damsel in distress act before he connected the dots.

"Mm oh my Chat Noir what are you doing on my humble balcony?" maybe she was being over-dramatic but it seemed to make Chat happy as he grinned. "Just came to check up on you Purrncess, I haven't seen you in a while and a few sources have told me that you've hadn't been feline great this past  week". Ugh puns, but wait how did he know? Marinette looked at him shocked "Have you been stalking me Chat?"

At this the hero seemed to tense up and smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his neck. "Not at all princess i just mm happen to know some people, yeah" he looked satisfied with his lie and Marinette decided to let it slide, she knew he was a good person so he probably really was just worried.

"Well yeah I haven't been getting much sleep lately" she said almost in a whisper, she didn't like to admit her weaknesses. Chat sat on the metallic edge of the balcony while the girls elbows were leaning on the railing. For a few minutes they looked at the full moon without speaking. It was a comfortable and friendly silence.

Then Chat looked at her worried "Do you wanna talk about it?". He didn't want to overstep any boundaries with the girl cause technically she barely had any idea who Chat Noir was, right? But he too felt a friendship between them even if they hadn't talked that much. He liked Marinette like this, she seemed so confident but at the same time he knew that something was wrong.

"I don't think i could really explain it, I just keep having this nightmare and it's always the same yet i'm terrified of it every time i wake up". Chat listen carefully, nightmares were always a sensitive topic for anyone so he didn't pry the girl to tell her what it was about.

He sighed and smiled at her "Princess i'm always here for you if you want to talk about it or if you just want a hug". Marinette had never seen this part of Chat, but she liked it. At the same time though she didn't want his help, it was just a stupid nightmare, why was she so scared? What was wrong with her?

"Thanks Chat but it's just a nightmare, I can handle it on my own". She might have sounded cold but she felt weak, and she didn't like that one bit. "I never said you couldn't Princess, i just said that maybe a helping paw could be good for you".

The girl rolled her eyes "Thanks kitty" she said as she scratched his neck, she knew perfectly well he was right but still. "I'll pass by here tomorrow night after patrol okay princess? Maybe then you might need your knight in shining armor". And without even awaiting an answer he hopped off the roof, extended his baton and flew into the night, feeling Marinette's eyes on him.

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