Emilia: Hey Gabby

Gabby: Hey Em

Emilia: So when do you want to go dress picking for your wedding?

Gabby: Emilia

Emilia: What?

Gabby: I am in the hospital.

Emilia: After?

Gabby: I don't know.

Emilia: Please!!!

Gabby: You really want to pick out the dress for me.

Emilia: Duh.

Gabby: Fine.

Emilia: Ahh I can't believe that you are getting married!

Gabby: Neither Can I.

Emilia: So what dress do you want?

Gabby: I don't know whatever I like.

Emilia: Oh we are so going to have fun today.

Gabby: You are scaring me.

Emilia: Ok what is your budget?

Gabby: Umm. For the dress I guess about 5,000 and the for the rest about 7,000 - 10,000.

Emilia: Good.

We entered the store and it was a tiny store. Emilia raced inside and grabbed a bunch of dresses and threw them to me and shoved me to the dressing room. The first dress was plain. It was a silk white dress with a v neck and spaghetti straps. I hated it, it was to plain for me.

Emilia: Eew no I hate it to plain. NEXT!!!!!

Gabby: I agree

We couldn't find the dress we went to another store and it was no hope. We went to get lunch. We went to eat at Subway.

Gabby: Can I get Italian Bread Toasted with chicken teriyaki cucumber,lettuce, tomato, ketchup and light mayo and make it too.

Emilia: We have to find your perfect dress.

Gabby: I liked mostly all but you didn't. 

Emilia: I know what looks pretty on you

Gabby: We can go tomorrow.

Emilia: Yeah I guess.

Gabby: Yeah.

The Twins: Wahhhh

Gabby: Ahhhh

Mr. Santos: Gabby, give me Christina.

Gabby: Thanks dad.

I went to go make a bottle for Justin Jr. I saw Thomas and he was up and he was pacing.

Thomas: Nice Hair.

Gabby: Thanks. What wrong with you?

Thomas: Emilia.

Gabby: What about her?


Gabby: Umm I don't know what to tell you.

Thomas: I don't even know what to tell myself.

After I gave the baby the bottle I was sound asleep.


Gabby: SHUT UP THE baby is sleeping.

Emilia: I hope this is the dress.

Gabby: Oh My..

It was a ball gown and it was the best dress ever and I couldn't imagine a better dress.

Gabby: Thank you.

Thank you for reading this chapter and I hope you like it. To see the picture of the dress check it out in the beginning.

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