Alpha Troy

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I stood there frozen on the spot. He is here. The man who can turn me into a monster and can kill anyone. Derek picked me up but I still didn't make a move.

"Leave. I'll be there in five. Make sure he stays away from here."

"Yes alpha."

Derek grabs my shoulders looking into my eyes trying to snap me out of my daze. Alpha Troy is here in this house waiting to get to me. He can destroy everything. He can hurt everyone. I needed to get away from all this. Nothing will be fine unless I dissapear. I felt a sting on my arm and look to see Derek pinching me.

"Isn't that a lil childish Derek?"

"It worked on getting your attention didn't it?" He smirked at me but then turned serious.

"Look Allison nothing will happen. He won't be able to get to you. I have people who will look after you while I get him off our land. He won't take what's mine. I promise."

Kissing me on my forehead he hugged me so tight. I didn't want him to be away from me I needed him close so I could be safe. Hugging him tightly I shed a few tears staining his shirt. I just hope he really can get him away. Or I'll have to leave to stay safe.
Derek's POV

I hated looking at Allison and seeing her so scared. She shouldn't be scared cause I will do anything to protect her. Alpha Troy just had to enter my land uninvited and ruin everything. Pissed off I stormed down stairs and into my office where my beta stood next to my desk while I assumed alpha Troy sat on a chair.

"What are you doing on my land uninvited?"

"Nice to meet you too alpha Derek. And I thought you don't do mates. What happened to you?"

"I found mine and I've change. Now. Why are you on my territory?!!"

He just smiled and stood up.

"I actually came to pick someone up. Its not like you will need this person."

"You will not take her. She is mine!!!"

"A couple weeks ago you didn't need her. And you have other girls out there. Just hand her over and no harm will come to tour pack anymorw."

Anymore? What does he. He was the one with all the problems happening. Allison almost kidnapped, Jacobs twin, everything. He did it.

"I will not give you her!! And leave my pack alone! She has a mate and you can't have her!!! I won't let you!!"

"So I guess this will have to go the hard way then. Okay have it your way."

Before I could respond to his threat I hear a scream which has all of our attention. What concerned me the most was I know that scream. Its Allison.

"What are you-"

He is gone before I had time to grab him. But knowing deep down Allison is in trouble. Running to the bedroom I open to see Allison out cold and being taken away.


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