Broken Up Relationship

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My world is caving in

No way out

No light shining down

These lyrics

That you spit out

Cause nothing but pain

And heartache

A hindering remembrance

Of the times

That we had together

And how we believed one thing

But others saw

Something else

I'm falling into a state of despair

Edging close to insanity

Wanting to pull on my hair

And do nothing but scream

I can't breath

My ribs feel like they

Are fracturing into pieces

Due to the constant

Rapid beating of my heart

Straining against the confines

Of my chest

Just stop and make this pain go away

I can't take it anymore

My head feels like it will explode

From hearing the things

That you are saying about me

I want to crawl into a ball

And let my traitorous tears lose

Upon my face

Just wanting and waiting

For it to all end

Why won't you stop?

Why can't you just leave me be

And let me live my life?

Why must you continue to

Torture me with these words

You call lyrics?

Just leave it be

And let me go

I want nothing more

Than to be free

Of all of this

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