Chapter14:My mate

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Sky's POV
I was in the kitchen when Neveah walked by with White angel wings at her back. Me Troy Ross Jay follow her to the backyard.she put the egg down.The egg started hatching and this bluish Dragon popped out. I watched as It grew bigger and bigger until it stopped. Navaira reached out and touched the dragon. A bright white light flash . We could not see Neveah or the Dragon. When the light damn dimmed .Her white wings were out her teeth where like vampire teeth. Her eyes were a pretty Amber. And her clothes were all white boots and everything.
"What are you"Ross asked.
She said,
"I am pure"
"I am powerful"
"Our dad created the moongoddess "
"I am a pure wolf" one voice said
"I am a pure angel" another said."
"I am a pure vampire" another said.
Then all the voices said at the same time .
"We are the last dragon rider"
"And we are Gods Children" they finished .
"Why did you chose her" I ask.
"There was an evil coming for her some we quickly came to her before the demon could and use this dragon for evil and take over the supernatural world we were coming to her any way" they said.
I started walking towards her but the dragon stepped forward and roared . It blew a steam on her shirt.
I watched as she pet the large head and laughed .
"No Saf she is not dangerous she is my mother"she said.
I watched as she opened her wings and said to the dragon "lets race" and took off in to sky's . The dragon opened its 20 feet wings and took off.
I blocked my eyes so the dust that came up will not get in .

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