Rockin' Robyn

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I, uh. I have no words but I'm sorry lmao, enjoy. Not particularly gay? But LGBTQ :) 

"Babyyyy," Bo whined. The two of them were together in his partner's apartment all day and they haven't once cuddled and Bo's over it. Bo's partner, a barely moody twenty-year-old paramedic got the weekend off but was doing paperwork after witnessing and responding to a fistfight at the firehouse he works at the day before and has been in a mood all day. Bo, the twenty-three-year-old surgical intern has been on the go regularly and is completely over not getting to spend time together. 
"Yes, Bo?" Robyn sighed. 
"Can we cuddle?" Bo asked. 
"I unfortunately still have paperwork to finish," Robyn replied, not looking up from the paper. Robin's been overly frustrated this week and he doesn't exactly know why. Bo could sense that something was wrong but Robyn's been avoiding getting too close to Bo. Bo has his suspicions as to what's wrong. 
"Come on, can you not spare an hour to pay attention to your loving boyfriend?" Bo asked. 
"I only need two more hours max to get this done and then you can have all the attention you want," Robin said looking up at Bo who was sitting with his arms folded under his chin on the back of the couch. Bo spotted the barely-there tint of pink on Robyn's face and knew that he was right. His baby is horny but doesn't know what to do about it. 
"Okay, then I'm going to go out and grab some snacks to get out of your hair for a little while but I'll be back alright?" Bo said softly, getting up. Robyn felt like they made Bo upset by not paying attention to him. 
"Okay, be safe," Robyn said softly with a smile and Bo left. 

Bo wasn't just going for snacks. He was also going to get equipment for something he's been thinking about for a while. Hopefully, it will help Robyn relax. 

Bo was still out when Robyn finished their paperwork. Robyn leaned back in their chair, closed their eyes and sighed. They know that Bo's internship has been hard on him and the fact that the two of them work opposite shifts sometimes is hard on them both. Robyn just wanted to power through the paperwork to be able to spend more time with Bo. As a tear threatened to slip from their eye, Bo opened the door. 

"Hi baby! Did you get the paperwork done?" He asked happily. Robyn looked at him and smiled. 
"Yeah I did. Now, I can give you all the attention that you want," Robyn said. 
"Great! And I was thinking that we could do something else to start the relaxing process?" Bo asked. 
"Oh? What might that be?" Robyn asked. 
"Sex of course!" Bo said with a smile, "Only if you're comfortable though. I'd be just as happy to watch tv and snuggle with you," Bo added. 
"You know what? Yeah. Sex sounds pretty great right now," Robyn replied. 
"Great! And I was thinking, again only if you're comfortable with it, since you have three holes, I could fill them all," Bo said coming closer to Robyn. Robyn is nonbinary and was born with the female parts. They've had top surgery but have no intent on getting bottom surgery. Robyn blushed and just kind of watched Bo, thoughts racing about how it would feel to be so full. They didn't even notice that Bo had moved to just centimetres away from their face. 
"What do you say bug?" Bo whispered. 
"O-okay," Robyn replied and Bo smiled. Bo kissed Robyn and put the bag on the floor as he went to run his hands up Robyn's sides. Bo got Robyn to stand while the two were still kissing and went about groping Robyn's ass, hips and upper thighs while kissing down to their neck. Robyn went for Bo's belt with their hands. Robyn is about three inches shorter than Bo and thinner. Bo spends a fair amount of time in their home gym when he's home alone and Robyn loves to feel small. Bo knows this and he likes to tease Robyn. But he's never tried in this situation. Until now. 

"Look at you, my little baby is so horny after some kissing and groping. What have I done to you?" Bo asked and Robyn let out a shaky breath at getting caught. Bo stood up properly and tried to puff himself up a little more. He picked the bag up again and told Robyn to go wait in the bedroom. Bo speed washed the toys, dropped them back in the bag, leaving the boxes in the bathroom, and went back to Robyn. 

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