Part 10: Terrible Mistake

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Author's Note:
I drank some dumb bitch juice. Yikes... had to fix some fonts, an entire paragraph went bold, and another became completely slanted...

Welp, I hope nobody minds.

Annabeth's POV

Thursday, October 11th - 7:20 AM

Okay, okay. I can do this, I just have to start the club activity later today. I didn't do it. Alright, discussion time.

"I hate to burst our bubbly but I made a promise to Ellen to make a study session later." Katherine breaks the silence. She never does that... hmmm.

"You, you are suspicious." Preston says, giving her the 'really' look. "It's probably my infamous period, ask Ellen later, I once flipped my neighbour's car when I got irritated in school one time-"

"Girl, what the- HOW!?" I ask at the same time as Britt. Okay, I know that we all have powers and stuff, but flip a car? "Apparently, periods are the true power."

Preston scoffs. "Dicks are the true power." I grin ear to ear. Personally... both are the true power.

"Alright kids, see you." Kath waves and goes towards the school. First thing I have to do is talk to both Leah and Bennett, because the club can't run without them.

"Ayo, leader." I hear from behind us, and there they are. Do those two always appear in a pair or?

"Ah, found you two, good morning." I wave to them as they join the conversation. "The club activity, we have to discuss it, I vote that we do it today, so that we have the first three days of a week open."

Preston and Brittany raise their hands and loudly say that they agree with it. Of course they agree with it, weekend freaks.

"I think it's pretty convenient, when is the club meeting?" Leah asks me. The meeting was originally set on Wednesday, but due to how late school started it got shifted to Friday. "It's on Friday, so it's convenient, yeah."

"Cool, so we're set." Bennett says with a smile. "I gotta go now, see ya!"

"Me too, bye."

Leah and Bennett started to walk to the entrance of the school, and I turn to my friends. "I hope I don't get a mental breakdown on the club meeting, I'm so scared."

"Girl, girl, chill, you're going to be just fine." Preston says as he puts both of his hands on my shoulders. "You can do this shit, and you know it." I think he's right. I'm probably panicking over nothing.

Only thing I have to do is face the Royals tomorrow, not just Andrew who is the king of the bunch. But the others as well.

"Anyways, Anne, we have gym later today." I groan loudly and facepalm. I hate gym class, it's the bane of my existence. Especially since skirts and dresses make up around 50% of my closet. "I HATE this day, I officially hate this day."

Time Skip~

Classtime, 8:35 AM

Did I mention that we have a maths test right now? YEAH, we do. But at least I'm somewhat good at it. I do get a lot As, but I'm not proud of them.

I don't feel like I deserve it, because I simply suck at it, but me having three brain cells makes the subject easy.

"What's the answer to question number 7?" Brittany whispers to me as our teacher turns his back. I glance at the question and whisper back. "979 is the answer, not 600..?"

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