Chapter Forty-four

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Sebastian stayed still until he smiled, "Are you actually my sister?" he asked and I scoffed. I looked at the necklace on my hand, mesmerized. I looked up to Sebastian once again, my eyes meeting his as I threw my arms around his neck. "We have to get out of here, Sebastian. We can run away from this place...we can go back to mom and dad. What do you say?" I asked Sebastian, his hand patting my back. "I say we do it, (y/n)." Sebastian replied back.

I pulled back, releasing him from my arms as I got up. I helped Sebastian up, smiling at him. "Let's get out of here, (y/n)." he said as I nod my head. He turned around, my smile fading away. He walked and I followed along. When he turned to the side, I swung my hand to his back. I saw as the blade pierced through his back, his blood slowly staining his gray vest.

I kicked his back, making him fall down once again. I teared off pieces of fabric from my own clothing as I tied it around Sebastian's mouth, making it a gag and another one tying to his wrist and ankle. I heard footsteps coming this way as I started dragging Sebastian by his feet. Sebastian began to struggle, his screams for help being muffled.

"Stay quiet or I'll cut your tongue out." I threatened, making him shut up. I pulled him to a room across from where the drunk had fallen. It was a typical room with a typical closet. I closed the door, locking it. I opened the doors of the maple closet, going back to Sebastian and dragging him by the arms as I struggled with his weight.

I grunt and sweat, my heart beating at the same time with every step that I take. After what felt like forever, I finally got Sebastian inside the closet. He swung his head side to side, pleading. I took the fabric off from his mouth as he spoke, "Please don't (y/n), I have claustrophobia. I...I won't be able to handle it here." he trembled. I shrug my shoulders as I sigh, "Deal with it." I replied back as I put the gag back to his mouth. Before I could close the doors, I stopped halfway.

"Oh, right..I need my knife back," I said, reaching to his back as I hold the handle of the knife. Sebastian squint his eyes, making me chuckle. I gripped onto the handle, pushing it deeper inside. He screamed but was muffled with the gag. "I changed my mind. I still need you alive." I spoke as I shut the doors close. I turned around as I sat down, laying my head to the door. I could hear his muffled scream, and it only felt like the Angel's singing through my ear.

"Sebastian? Where the hell are you?" I heard Franzeska's voice. I heard her heels tapping on the creaking floor as she opened the door. I smiled, "Leo!" she screamed. I got up, tearing up the blanket from the dusty bed as I picked up the solid bar soaps from the small bathroom it had attached to the bedroom as I put it inside the sheet, my hand wrapping around the soft, silky sheet. I got out as Franzeska stared at Leo, when she turned around I swung my hand with the sheet filled with bars of soap as it hit her head. Franzeska fell to the ground and looked up at me, "You son of a bitch!" she yelled as I swung the sheet filled with bars of soap once again to her face.

She rolled away, getting up as she swayed side to side. Her heels didn't help at all, I think that's quite a benefit. On my other hand was the sharp fragment that I got from the broken plate. I went up to her, pulling her by the hair as I put the sharp fragment to her throat. She looked at me and scoffed, "You think that would scare me? Think again, bitch." she laughed.

I felt of what seems to be a pistol pressed against the back of my head. I smiled, "If you hurt me, you'll die." I said as I implied about Leo from behind. "It doesn't matter. We both know he loves me more than he loves you." she replied back, "Then why did he marry me? Made all this effort just to kidnap me? Lock me up here? Is that what you want you kinky bitch!" I duck down, making her fire the gun as it shot her face. I felt the urge to puke but I held it in.

I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes and before I could even breath out, I felt the white fabric wrap around my neck, choking me as it hugged my neck tight. "Sleep, my love." I heard him say as I struggled.

Simon's POV

I woke up as I heard the zipper of the tent open. "Wake up lad, its morning!" I heard Zack say. I got up and walked out of the tent as my eyes met with cold ones. "Good morning." He greeted, "Good morning, sir." I greeted back. I felt hands wrapped around my neck as I stumble backwards, "Good morning Simon you prick! I heard Violet say as I smiled, "You too." I replied. Violet let go of me as I sat down at the log facing towards him as the three men in black suit eyed me down. "have you found them yet sir? I asked as he looked up at me then back to the paper he reads.

He placed the cup of black coffee down the table and sigh, "There's an abandoned mansion at the forest, people nearby reported hearing a gunshot. My men used a drone to looked through and after a few adventures through air, there's a possibility that's where she's being held." Evans replied back. I stood up as he looked up at me, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I said.

I turned around but was abruptly stopped by Violet pushing me back. "Slow down, boy. We can't just go in there without a plan." Evans said. I turned to him, "It doesn't matter, I'll go." I replied back, Evans stood up and sigh, "And what will you do there boy? Let them taste your blood and feast with your death? Don't be stupid." I opened my mouth but Violet gave me the signal to give up.

I closed my mouth as I went back inside the tent. I'll get you out of there, (y/n) no matter what it costs. Mark my words.

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