After the garden party, we all went back to the hotel and went to sleep. Even though Liam and I were fine now, he still slept on the couch. I guess Bella would have killed him if he had slept in the bed. She really hates me.

I woke up and saw Liam was still asleep. I had a text from Brooke saying we were going shopping today, and I looked over at Liam.

I had hoped to hang out with Liam today, but I was fine with shopping with Brooke. After all, Liam was probably gonna hang out with Bella again today. As usual.

I texted Brooke saying I'd be over in ten minutes and looked over at Liam. He was sleeping peacefully, and I didn't want to wake him.

I changed into shorts and a hoodie, since it was kinda cold but still pretty warm out, and slipped on my converse. I brushed my hair and wrote a quick note to Liam saying Brooke and I were having a girls day and I'd be back soon.

I then left and knocked on Brooke's door. She came out dressed similarly, and I couldn't help but smile. And she was supposed to be the fashionable one.

"Okay, either I'm rubbing off on you or you just don't care how you look anymore," I teased.

"No, you're style is just getting somewhat cuter," Brooke said. "Now let's go, we got a long day ahead of us."

"What about Josh?" I asked, seeing him lying on the bed passed out.

"He'll be fine. If he gets lonely, he can go talk to Liam or join him and Bella on a date if they go on one. Now let's get going." She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the hotel.

"So, are you gonna ever tell me what that project you were working on was?" I asked as we pulled into the Starbucks drive thru. Don't judge, coffee keeps us going in the morning.

"In due time," Brooke said. "I'm still researching and recording evidence to support my theory. Since you're gonna want proof. Well, Liam is."

"Okay then," I said. "So where we going first?"

"Shopping of course. We need to clothes, and I can hardly be seen in public with how you're dressed now. What else are friends for?"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, I'm still not getting any dresses. And how are we paying for this?"

"Um," Brooke said. "You might not want to know."

"Brooke, tell me," I said.

"You're not gonna like it," Brooke said.

"Brooklyn Christine Davis, tell me right now before I make you stop this car," I ordered.

Brooke sighed. "Fine, your mom is paying for this."

"WHAT?!" I shrieked. "Brooke, why didn't you tell me? Nobody is supposed to know where we are! If Tristan finds out-"

"Relax, he's not gonna find out. Sarah is giving him false information that's leading him all the way to another country. We'll be fine," she assured me.

"It's not us I'm worried about, its her. If Tristan finds out that she's been lying to him and covering for us, he will torture her. He may even kill her."

"Well, then maybe we should have somebody there to protect her. Someone to watch over her for you," Brooke suggested.

An idea suddenly popped into my head. There was one person who could watch over her and could make it hell for Tristan if he so much as laid a finger on her, such as starting a war....

"Anyway, I'm treating you to a girls day. You need to get out and try to forget about what happened with Liam. Who knows, you might even find your new mate," Brooke said.

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