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Chapter 25

    “Yes, thank you!” I yelled, ecstatic.

    “Only this one thing, and then I’m gone, okay?” She looked at me sternly.

    My hopes fell, but I nodded, and we started walking down the driveway.

    We measured up the guards, and it seemed to be fine to break in, as long as we did it at night. So as soon as we could, we were going to finish this job. We walked into the building, seeing as it was daylight, and open for new trainees. We blended right in with them, and not one person noticed when we didn’t go along own the hallway with them, and instead walked down all the way to Walker’s office.

    Once there, the first thing we noticed was the door shut. The second thing, however, was the muffled voices, coming from there. We pushed our ears up against the door, and listened to the conversation. I could only make out bits and pieces like,

    “…Find them,”

    “Tell me…”


    I knew they were talking about us, and I certainly didn’t need to be a trained spy to know the first man was coming out. But I was too numb in shock. So when I finally was brought back to the present, it was because I had landed on the ground, in front of none other than Agent P’s face.

    “Well, well what do we have here,” He grinned, an evil smile.

    “Pascarth, don’t,” Walker warned.

    “Why,” He continued staring at me, like a predator snatching up it’s prey.

    I noticed vaguely when Walker took out a gun and pointed straight at me. He then looked straight at me, and I groaned internally while I nodded. Then the gun shot was heard.

    I fell to the ground, and vaguely heard Pascarth walk out of the room while saying,


    I didn’t stand up until Pascarth was gone, and I had regained my balance.

    I was glad I had gotten shot, if I hadn’t, I really would have been dead there.

    “What the hell was that?” Cay yelled at Walker.

    “She had a vest on, I asked her,” Walker defended.

    She grumbled but nodded.

    Walker went on,

    “So what can I do for you guys?”

    I looked at Cay and when she nodded, I explained,

    “We kinda, sorta, need to break into the school, soon.”

    Walker was already nodding, and walking over to his filing cabinet.

    “I’m already on it, the only plan you guys need is,” He paused, as he rifled through some papers, “Right here.”

    He handed us a file, that I presumed was a map of the school.

    “Thanks Walker.” I said, and took the file.

    Cay and I started walking out, when Walker yelled behind us,


    We turned around, and looked at him,

    “Good Luck.”

    We grinned, and walked out, like that conversation, never happened. And really, it hadn’t. Because if it had, Walker would be fired for treason, and Cay and I would be dead, literally.

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