Before I talk about Fairy Tail, I'll talk about how I came across anime and manga altogether, cause that actually plays a huge part on what I think of Fairy Tail.

I first came across the shōjo genre with an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura. It's a really good anime with no fanservice whatsoever and you should check it out. The second anime I came across was Ouran High School Host Club. Most of you have heard of it by now and it's a good anime but if you want the entire story, check out the manga. For a while these two were the only anime I watched for a bit....until Black Butler aka Kuroshitsuji. It was definitely more mainstream and I enjoyed it but once I started to read the manga, (and Elizabeth being badass XD) I stopped watching the anime and switched over to the manga. So you would think then I came across Fairy Tail, right? Well, close. During my junior year of High School, I actually came across three anime: Clannad, Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I started with Fairy Tail first but after the first episode, I left it out to dry a bit and started with Clannad. So after I finished that, I finally sat during during spring break and watched the first two seasons of Fairy Tail within a week. (I watched FMA:B last, don't hate me XD) Anyway, after I caught up on the FT anime, I caught up with the manga and everything else. XDXD

If you're still reading this, GREAT. (^~^) The point of this part of the rant is to highlight that I haven't watched much shōnen anime. Because when people point out the fanservice in anime and/or manga, I didn't understand it. As I progressed through Fairy Tail, I understood the meaning of that (and also the reason why I stopped watching the Black Butler anime) and became more aware of its flaws. Fairy Tail isn't bad. Hell, it's character development is unlike any anime I have seen and the characters are unique and likable. It's even on my list of Top 5 favorite anime/manga. It just falls flat on the fact that it does use fanservice a little too much for my taste, which asks for no fanservice. It's pretty predictable but if you can get through the first two-three arcs, you'll find yourself getting invested in these characters.

Now, on with the real rant.

First off, the shipping wars. *sighs* This is why I love Fairy Tail, but hate the fandom. Every fandom has its shipping wars but from what I have seen, it's pretty downplayed. But with Fairy are you kidding me. You can ship whoever the hell you want. I may not agree with that paticular ship but you don't see me bathmouthing it. Just because you don't like a ship doesn't mean that you should bash that ship or give them hell for it or even worse, force the ship on them! And the people who ship Nali in particular often get the slack for that from hardcore and stupid Nalu fans and don't get me wrong, it's also vice versa. Being a hardcore Nalu fan myself, I know to let people ship whoever they want and not start shit.

Speaking of which, Lucy Heartfilia does not get enough love in this bloody fandom. People say that she's just there for fanservice, useless, weak as hell and is always getting her butt saved by the rest of the guild members.

Three things I would love to get through your little close minded brain: One, almost every character has some sort of fanservice moment in the anime. Exactly in what way does that make Lucy stand out in that aspect? Two, she's the reason why this series exists. None of your favorite characters would have existed if Lucy and Natsu hadn't met each other. Three, she has proven multiple times that she can hold on her own, especially in the Tartaros arc. Like the point of having a character in a series is for the plot yes, but they're also there to evoke emotions within us. Wouldn't you rather see Lucy grow as wizard as opposed to already being overpowered? You complain about Mary Sues and OP characters but then you complain that someone gets the chance to grow from a simple wizard into a powerful and wonderful person. Like get over yourselves. If you still don't like Lucy, fine. But don't use the reasons listed in the previous paragraph as an excuse for bashing her.

Also, there's this tidbit that I found myself agreeing with:

Also, there's this tidbit that I found myself agreeing with:

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Secondly, the part you have been waiting for, the fanfics. Like I stated earlier, Fairy Tail is a world full of possibilities. But like Harry Potter, the fanfics suffer from certain cliches as well. Example: The first chapter where Lucy is in a coma. I seen only a fair bunch but it is getting annoying.

The second one, I want to tear my hair out. It's the ones where after the Edolas arc, everyone starts to ignore Lucy and Natsu later kicks her out of the team because she's too weak. She later leaves Fairy Tail to get stronger and get revenge on them.

The #1 problem with this idea: Natsu may be an idiot, but he's not downright cruel.

Second, the guild loves Lucy (yes, even Lisanna) and they are not going to outright ignore her. Nor are they going to kick her out and they never thought of Lucy as a replacement for Lisanna.

Fairy Tail is a series about friendship and family and how we should care for them as such. What you guys write concern none of those aspects and the characters are, for a lack of a better term, mean spirited. You can write fanfics like those, but they are getting to a point where it's overused, and for me, the characters are too OOC to be in that situation.

So, that's it really. There may be more but I haven't read enough FT fanfics to see the paring side of them but I'll get to those if I find any. In the meantime though, what do you think? Comment below and let me know about what you want me to rant about next! :D

(BTW, if you are hoping to see what I think of Lissana, read my separate rant about her.)

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