Midnight x Reader

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"Where is he, where is he, where is he..." You mumbled repeatingly. You were looking for Midnight, from Oracion Seis. You had to defeat him and that kind of stuff. And since Erza ran off, Jura had to go look for someone else, and Ichiya... is Ichiya, was the only possibility for me to go look for Midnight. That sleeping dude... How hard can it be? Now, very hard. Especially when... YOU HAVE TOTALLY NO IDEA WHERE TO LOOK!!

You took a deep breath and took another few steps, but stopped when you heard a voice chuckle from behind you. "Well if it isn't (Y/N), the girl I heard so much about." Midnight said. You turned around but saw no one. Then you heard his voice very close behind you. You turn while uncheating your sword. You saw a glimb of Midnight, but then he disapeared again.

You really got annoyed of that idiot now. "Stop fooling around, Midnight." You said to... nowhere in perticular. "Oh, is little (Y/N) getting annoyed? To bad." Midnight said.

'I swear if he doesn't shut up now I'll..' You thought. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, breathing out

. Focusing on the noises in the forest, you tried to find where Midnight was hiding.

You picked your dagger you always brought with you, ready to throw if he let himself get caughed. You heard a footstep somewhere behind you, so you turned around and threw your dagger. Midnight, who saw your move coming, just stayed still. The dagger reached the place where his heart was supposed to be, if he had a heart, and... just passed trough it. "Huh?!" You said, in shock that your dagger just went trough his body, like he wasn't  even there. "H-how.." You stuttered.

Then you realized what his magic was. "Ofcourse." you said, and you made yourself ready for a close combat. Midnight just stood there, smirking at you. It annoyed the crap outta ya. "Stop staring at me, idiot" You growled. "Before we fight I can look at you how I want right?" Midnight stated. 'I swear I'm going to kill that pervert.' you thought.

You charged after him. You already knew what kind of magic he was using. You kinda studied all kind of magics a few years ago. Guess that finally paid off.

Well, studied, like reading books, not that you can use them yourself.

Just before you kicked Midnight he was gone. "Wh..wha?"

"Behind ya' " A voice said to close behind you. His chin was almost lying on your shoulder and you just stood there paralized. You didn't know why you couldn't move...

To be honost you kinda liked the Oracion Seis. You think they are like the coolest dark guild ever, I mean, 6 members and be so good?! You tried to get as much info about them as you could but it was useless. There was less info about the Oracion Seis.

What a surprise is, is that you kinda started admiring OS after Hibiki told everyone about it.

Back to the story...

Minight stood right behind ya' and you didn't know what to do. You knew that he'd attack you if you tried something. You just gulped. Midnight chuckled and you feel his hands on your waist. "Just relax a bit..." Midnight said to you. You let your guard down, then you started to feel weak and soon you lost consciousness somehow.

You woke up on the ground a little later. You groaned as you tried to stand up. You stumbled towards a tree, seeing Midnight sleeping there.


Was he really sleeping... Or jist trying to trick you? You asked yourself those questions. You were still a little dizzy. You were just in front of his sleeping body,when you realized you could better leave him. If what you knew was right, you could better leave him alone when he slept.

You turned around, only to be pulled onto Midnight's lap, by two strong arms, who were placed around your waist. Your face slowly came red. You weren't exactly used to being so close to a boy.

"You finally woke up..." Midnight whispered in your ear. "Guess you finally relaxed, it looked like you havn't slept in days." You stared in front of you in confusion. What did he mean by that? "I didn't use a spell, it was your magic that reacted on you being exhausted. Once you relaxed you fell asleep." Midnight explained. You just felt him smirk behind you. "And you relaxed because of me." You groaned, "It wasn't because of you!" You stated, looking in front of you stubborn, your face still in a light pink tint. "Ofcourse not." Midnight said with a sarcastic tone. He suddenly held you closer and whispered something in your ear again, "I have something to ask you... What would you think of joining Oracion Seis? As a secret hidden member. The other guilds are nothing without you..." You looked down at your hands. "You know it's true, (Y/N)." He said. "What do you mean by: nothing without you?" You asked Midnight quiet. "You are one of their strongest members... If you join us, Oracion Seis would be unbeatble. And the other guilds would be nothing, they would faill in trying to bring us down.... Us, you, me and the others." Midnight's word were so attractive. You might really consider joining Oracion Seis. "I don't know... This is probably some kind off trap." You said out loud. "It isn't..." Midnight whispered as he burried his face in your neck. "You and me... We would be the strongest members, (Y/N)." He was really pulling you over. "But remember... If you say yes, you can't go back." "Are you trying to let me say no?" You asked Midnight, rising an eyebrow.

"No, tha-" He got interupted by your giggle, a sound that you barely till never made before. "I know what you mean... And I say I need something new in my life." You looked up at the sky. "You're saying thaaat..?" Midnight asked you. "I want to join OS." you said, standing up and turning around. You saw Midnight's usuall smirk, as he stood up. "Perfect." He said, then he grabbed your hand and started pulling you somewhere.

At some point he stopped and turned to you. You bumped into his chest and then stood still. "Yes?" "I forgot to do something back there." Midnight said grabbing your chin. "Yes?" You asked again. Midnight leaned in and fastly pecked your lips, then he started running again. You followed him by hand, since he was holding yours.

This is the beginning of something new...


Gomenasai... He's a little OOC, especially in the end. But it's hard for me to copy people youknow.

I have alot of requests I have to write so give me time.

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