X Reader list

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Here is the list of X Readers I am currently working on or have finished... I have so many ideas... also, I get inspiration from literally everything so I'll be updating this sometimes.

In the parentheses I put what I tried to make it, but sometimes I don't know what it is, so I just put Idk or some other dumb shit like that. XD

If there's one (or many) on the list that you want me to write (if I'm not working on it at the moment), you can ask me to write it and I will! :)

I will write:

-Micro Nations
-Anything Else

(I am not entirely comfortable writing lemons. I read them all the time, but I just can't make them yet.)


(Random) China x Reader: The Knife Game [Finished]

(Fluffy) Denmark x Reader: Songfic, Did It Hurt? by Never Shout Never

(Fluffy) Romano x Reader: Songfic, Leila by Greyson Chance

(Fluffy) Spain x Reader: I'll Teach You!

(Humor) Germany x Reader: Majestical Arms!

(Humor) 2p!Canada x Reader: "The Talk" [Currently Working On]

(Fluffy) Prussia x Reader: Songfic, Around My Head by Cage the Elephant

(Feels/Fluffy) England x Reader: All Around The World [Currently Working On]

(Humor) Japan x Reader: Stop Bothering Me!

(Feels) Hetalia x Reader: End Of The World

(Humor/Fluffy) Romano x Reader: Cowlicks, Eyebrows, And Curls, Oh My!

(Feels) Prussia x Reader: Teddy Bear

(Fluffy) Iceland x Reader: First Kiss

(Humor) France x Reader: Don't Think Wrong! [Finished]

(Random) Neko!Italy x Neko!Reader: Mine!

(Humor) Romano x Reader: (Y/n)'s Lessons For Less Swearing

(Random/Fluffy) BTT x Reader: Gum

(Fluffy) Russia x Neko!Reader: Lost And Found

(Fluffy?) Germany x Oblivious!Reader x Prussia: Why So Nice?

(Feels) France x Reader: The Highwayman

(Humor) 2p!Hetalia x Child!Reader: Swearing is bad!

(Feels) Canada x Reader: Terrible Things

(Random) Austria x Reader: Too Much Cereal!

(Humor/Fluffy) ???? x Reader: Valentines and Broken Noses

(Humor) ???? x Reader: Advice from France

(Humor/Fluffy) China x Reader: Embarrassing Picture

(Random) Belarus x Child!Reader: Overprotective

(Humor) ???? x Childish!Reader: You're So Childish...

(Feels) Germany x Reader: Songfic, Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars

(Humor) ???? x Reader: Babysitting is Horrible

(I have no idea) Chibi!Canada x Reader: The Cuppy Cake Song~ [Finished]

(Random) Poland x Reader x 2p!England: Tea Party

(Feels/Fluffy) 2p!France x Reader: Songfic, Banjolin Song by Mumford & Sons

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