#Imagine Hot chocolate. (Niall Horan)

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#Imagine for Lauran!

You and Harry have been best friends since high school and that didn't change when he got in One Direction. You saw each other very often and you loved spending time with him. Sometimes you also  did stuff with the other lads, they were all very sweet and kind, the best friends you could ever imagine. But there was one member that was extra special to you, Niall Horan, the cute blond with the braces and the Irish accent. You had a massive crush on him but you were too scared to tell him as you didn't want to ruin the friendship. 

Lauran's POV

My phone made a sound saying that I got a message. I jumped off of the couch and walked towards the kitchen table to get my phone. When I swiped the screen I saw that I had a message from Niall. I freaked out, a message from Niall?! 'This can't be true' I whispered. I quickly opened the message to see what he had to say.

'Hey Lauran! What are ya up to? I'm kinda bored so I was wondering, If you would like to come over to my place? X, Niall'

I had to sit down, this wasn't happening, right? What should I reply? I freaked out even more, what If I went to his place and he didn't like me, what if it all turned out in a drama?! I took a deep breath. Don't worry he probably only wants to hang out as friends. I said to myself. a  while I gathered all my courage and replied to him.

'Hi Nialler! Sounds fun, see you in 15 minutes! X'

I rushed to the bathroom and fixed my hair and make-up. I wore a cute jumper with a skinny jeans and flats. I grabbed my car key and drove to Niall's place. I walked up to the building and got inside. I rang the doorbell. 'Hello?' he said with his Irish accent. 'Hi Niall, It's me Lauran, I'm downstairs please let me in?' I said, trying to be as relaxed as possible.  'Of course love!' He replied and than the door unlocked so I could get inside the building. I rode the lift to  the 10th floor and got out. Niall was standing in front of his door to greet me with his gorgeous smile. 

'Hi love, how are you?' He asked while he gave me a hug. 'I'm fine thanks, how are you?'  'I'm all good'. He replied while he opened the door for me.

When we got inside we drank something and talked about all kinds of stuff. My nerves were gone and I felt comfortable around Niall. 'So I was thinking, It's a beautiful winter evening, why don't we go  out for a walk?' Niall suggested suddenly while he stared  straight into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat, a walk with Niall, this could turn out really romantic. 'Yeah that sounds fun! Let's do it!' I said while I jumped off of the counter to get my coat. 

We walked down the streets of London, it was late December and the streets were dark and cold. We walked past the most beautiful shops with beautiful shop windows. Everything was decorated for the holidays and looked sparkly and cosy. 'Fancy a hot coffee?' Niall asked while he pointed at a Starbucks. 'Oh God, yes please I'm freezing!' I said laughing. 'You should've told me that you're cold babe!' He said while he took me in his arms and rubbed my back to warm me. 'Feeling a little warmer?' He asked with a grin on his face. I nodded, 'Definitely.' 

We got our coffee and sat down on a wooden bench. 'I really like this' I said soft, a bit shy. 'Yeah me too, you're cute!' Niall giggled. 

I shivered. 'You're cold, aren't ya? Let's continue our walk to get you a little warmer'. I nodded cheerfull. After 10 minutes of walking I shivered again. Niall immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. He smiled at me and said; 'Maybe this will get you a bit more warm'. I blushed and bit my lip. Another 15 minutes of walking went by. 'Niall where are we going?' I asked a bit concerned. 'Don't worry, you'll like it' Niall said cheeky. 

'Niall it's 12 AM! Maybe we should go back, it's getting really late'. I said a bit concerned. 'That's exactly what I want. At his time no one is around at the place where we're going to' He said and winked while he softly squeezed my hand. Suddenly I saw a huge, beautiful lake in front of me. There was a plaid and candles in the shape of a heart. 'Niall, did you set this all up?' I asked while my jaw dropped. 'Come with me' he whispered and he took me to the plaid. We sat down and Niall grabbed my hand again. He came real close to me and stared into my eyes. 'Lauran, since the day Harry introduced you to me, I've been in love with you. I like you more than just a friend, you're sweet, funny, pretty, you have everything I  want Lauran'.  I fell into his arm and started to cry. 'I'm sorry, don't cry please, It's just.... I had to say it, I'm sorry',  he said shy. 'Oh Niall, don't be ridiculous, I am deeply in love with you! Since the moment I first met you! You are the man of my dreams and I'm so happy that you feel the same about me' I sobbed. He rubbed my back and stroke my hair while he whispered to me. 'You're the love of my life and I want to spend every single day with you'. I giggled and released myself from the hug. We looked each other in the eye and giggled. Niall wiped away my tears and suddenly he grabbed his guitar from behind a tree. 

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