Chapter 4

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  I managed to quickly save the girl and the man, using my powers against nature. The man, girl and the ship's crew were all on the beach, walking around and talking to each other about the ship being wrecked. I started making my way over to the man when the girl tapped lightly on my shoulder.

  " Um excuse me Miss, but your dress is kind of... well translucent" she said to me as her cheeks took on a pink tint.

" Oh, I'm going to change now. Give me a few rotations of the second hand" she seemed confused as I said this, but it didn't matter to me, I wanted to change before the crew members noticed me.

 I came back outside a few minutes later wearing a yellow sun dress and my hair was tied up by a white ribbon. The crew members noticed me, they started whistling at me and making embarrassing comments. I tried to ignore them as I walked over to the young man. I opened my mouth, about to greet him, when he cut me off.

 "Thank you for saving my cousin and I," he gestured to the girl "I greatly appreciated. I hope I won't bother you by asking to spend the night on your island."

 "It is no problem at all, it is, after all common courtesy to offer someone a place to stay when in trouble."

  The man's face seemed to light up, similar to that of a child, when I replied to him. I smiled at him, it was amazing how happy he was to be able to sleep on the floor of a cave, or maybe he thought I had enough beds to accommodate him and his crew. While I pondered these things I noticed he was speaking to me and snapped out of my thoughts.

 "Could you repeat that please?"

"What is your name fine Miss" He asked me.

" Oh it's- wait, you didn't tell me yours, that's not very gentlemanly at all, now is it?" I gave him a mischievous smile after saying this, it was obvious that I was teasing him.

 "Well I am very sorry for leaving manners on the ship, I promise to make amends later." he said with a wink " My name is Jackson Young and I am from a country north of here named Aliyanis. Now, I believe you are obligated to answer my question." I felt my cheeks grow a little hotter, what did he mean by make amends later? Maybe my mind is just in the gutter. After dismissing the thought I replied to his question.

 " My name is Ivy and I have lived on this island my entire life and never left" I told him.

" Don't you have a last name?" utter surprise was on his face.

"Last name? What do you mean Jackson Young?" as I said this he frowned at me.

"I will explain it later, the rescue ship should be here in about two days, if you want, I could draw your island on the chart and take you to visit my country" my eyes lit up at his suggestion and I immediately nodded my head.

 "I'm going to have to talk to my parents but I think they will say yes.For now let me show you the cave." I said before tugging him in its direction.

~Authors Note~

I'm sorry this chapter was a little boring, just have to get the info out into the open so the real drama can start!

I'm trying my hardest to update every two days until the end of the month so expect a few more chapters! Thanks for reading this!

- xXTwilightNightXx

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