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"Print that picture out for me okay angel"

He says with a nod and wink. I can hear the handcuffs tighten on his wrist and get led away to join the line.


he yells back.


I yell back and share my own wink. He looks back and smiles but he gets turned back around once shoved through the big, iron doors to go back. I can feel my heart get heavy and with a deep sigh I start heading out. I begin remembering His comments during the movie and him fumbling with my hands. God, I really am falling for this guy, damn it.

I make it out of the inarizarki's door and throw away the cups in a nearby trash can. I reach into my pocket and pull out my pack of marlboro. I light it and start walking towards my car. I notice it's the late evening once I look into the sky.

I sit inside my car blowing out smoke from my mouth. I take a look at the picture Suna took. "Man that boy" I smile and shake my head and start driving back. Hopefully the boys dont ask too many questions about why I was out for too long.

 Hopefully the boys dont ask too many questions about why I was out for too long

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Suna's POV:
I get led into the back of the hallway. The officers are patting us down making sure we don't have anything on us. I always hated getting patted down.

"please don't hit me, please don't hit me, please don't hit me ,please don't hit me"

i keep repeating that phrase in my head.

I can feel the officer patting down my legs and torso and I go stiff. Luckily it only took like 5 secs. They never do it properly. I start walking with the other inmates back to the cells. Damn this is the first time in a while I have gotten a visitor and it went so great. Y/n got be boba and we watched a movie.

My god what i would give to take her out on a proper date. Pull up to her house, take her to some fancy ass restaurant. She deserves the best, I just wish I could give her the best. I get dragged into an elevator that leads me down to the 3rd floor. I look at the red numbers shown on the screen, Great lunch rush soon.

"So that pretty lady you were talking to, how did you even meet her?" An officer tried making small talk with me but i didn't feel like it so i stayed quiet.

"Yea she's actually pretty famous, seen her in stores, magazine covers, perfume commercials, how the hell did you bag that bitch"

Another officer adds on the conversation. I roll my eyes at the fact he just called Y/n a bitch. Just get me back at my cell already.

--Lunch time--

"Sooooo Suna, I saw you have a visitor who was it" Great Tsumu is talking now.

"None of your business tsumu" I say back while taking a bite outta some onigiri we got for food today.

"Oh c'mon, WAIT what , it's that hottie from Wednesday?  Damn your lucky"

I stay silent but for once i agree with barbie, i am pretty lucky.

"Can it Tsumu if Suna doesn't wanna talk then he doesn't have too" Kita says while arriving at our table with Aran. Kita and Aran also came together here at the jail but they're up on the second floor cause their crime isnt as severe as mine and the twins. Kita being leader of some dangerous gang here in Japan and Aran being convicted for some deadly armed robbery but he only shot like 3 people he says.

"Oh look, it's the second floor inmates," Osamu says in a teasing way.

"Ew the twins" Aran says causing me and kita too laugh.

"Sooo yer gonna spill the goods orr" The twins said. I can understand Tsumu with his noisy ass but samu too ugh. Kita and Aran look at me as well.just fucking peachy. I take a deep sigh and avoid eye contact.

"They were nice, Y/n got me Boba and we watched a movie together on her phone"

They all "ooh" together sounding like a bunch of 1st graders hearing another kid saying Fuck for the first time. I roll my eyes, wanting to leave but kita pulls me back down. Not gonna lie kita outta everyone else in this damn prison is the only one scaring me with that icy glare of his.

"Man you guys should have seen her on wednesday She has beautiful, soft skin, Silky hair, eyes that looked better than heaven and was wearing a lacy black lingerie. Apparently she was one of the models here on wednesday" Tsumu says, basically drooling over his miso soup.

"Oh what i would give to bend her over a table and eat her out . Have her moaning my name like a -"

"I swear to god Tsumu, I'm Gonna pay an inmate 3 servings of sweet and sour pork just to fart on your pillow tonight." Yea try looking at that angel when you got pink eye cunt.

"You swear to god? Ha thought you were an amphibian Rin" Tsumu says.

"He's an atheist you asswipe" Osamu thankfully smacking his brother up side the head. I mouth a "thank you" to him and he nods.

"I'll kill you both."
Atsumu mutters under his breath but me and Osamu just scoff.

"We'll like to see you try Shit stain."
Osamu rolls his eyes and let's out a breathy laugh.



I Lay in my cell looking up at the ceiling. It's night here and everyone is asleep besides me. Damn it Y/n i was okay with everything in my life so far, why did you come in making me wish things were different. What the hell did you to my head. I chuckle at my thought and stay in complete silence for a little longer. Then finally let my eyes drift shut.

AUTHOURS NOTE: Hopefully you guys enjoyed chapter 2

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Hopefully you guys enjoyed chapter 2. Also skeet ulrich. Lawd have mercy I'm bouta busttt. That man be so fine for no god damn reason. Anyways


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