Crazy: *doodling quietly*

*footsteps coming from down the hall*

Crazy: *looks up and eyes widen* L-lust...?

Lust: *walks up and smirks* Hello again Red~ it's been awhile hasn't it? I like what you've done with your hair

Crazy: *blinks before snapping back into reality*T-thanks... B-but where have you been?

Lust: Oh don't worry about that... *sets hands on either side of her trapping her* I have missed you though~ *leans in close*

Crazy: *blushes bright* L-lust no! *pushes him away and gets up*

Lust: Still playing hard to get I see~ *grabs her hand and pulls her close* Just one kiss~?

Crazy: *blushes bright and shakes head* N-no

Lust: *smirks* Let me just knock these out... *snaps*

*cameras go out*

(Idk man... I feel like Lust has been neglected :/)

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