Chapter 1

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Bella POV:
So, he thinks he could just leave me here. Wow what an ass. What did I ever see in him. He is a vampire, not emponosea, and I am the daughter of Hades. The undead and the daughter of the dead. Wow. I am so heart broken. I should go to camp half blood. But what will I tell Charlie. He knows who my dad is, my mom was pregnant before she meet him, but he is still the most father like figure I have ever had. I decide that I will tell Charlie that I will go back to camp. 2ish years without any monster is pushing my luck. Especially because I am one of the big three child. I walk through the woods toying with my ring and my necklace. My necklace changes into a bow and arrows and my ring is something my brother Nico made me, it morphs into a sword like his.(a/n sorry I didn't know how to spell that type of metal) I trip over a tree root. Wow, I must be the most clumsy Demi God in history. It is a miracle that I survived to wars. I realize that I am crying. How can someone say that they love them then leave them in the middle of the woods. He needs to get feed to miss O'Leary. I walk into the house.
"Hey, Charlie I am going back to camp." I say
"Why bells?"
"Edward dumped me and 2 years is kinds pushing it with the monsters." I respond.
"Okay, how are you going to get there."
"Shadow travel." I go upstairs and pack all my stuff into a backpack and then I yell "BYE CHARLIE!" And I gather all the shadows around me, walk into my wall, and come out of Thalia's pine tree. And say "It is good to be home."

Alice POV:
I see Bella with red eyes and tear marks on her face. She yells "BYE CHARLIE!" And walks into her wall. She appears next to a tree on a hill with cabins below. And she says "it is good to be home." I see a sing that says Camp Half Blood New York
Vision end.
"What was that? " Edward asks.
"I have no idea."
(A/n next chapters will hopefully be longer)

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