Chapter 32- One Beautiful Wedding

“Bridezilla...” I mutter as Eleanor scream her head off, throwing orders at everybody that crosses her sight.

“NO! NO! NO! That chair is placed incorrectly! Fix it now!” She scream at poor Nialler, who looks lost at the catering table.

“I have never seen Eleanor yell...” Harry mutters from behind me and wraps his arm around my waist.

We had about 15 seconds to enjoy our hug before Eleanor shrieks, “No time for lovey dovey coupley time! ANNABELLE! Go to the salon and get ready. HARRY! Move your manly muscles by carrying those tables! CHOP CHOP! The wedding is in 4 hours!” Harry and I winced at her commanding voice.

We nodded and hurried to our assigned places before she gets anymore angry. “Belly! Come over here and get your makeup done!” Sarah says and pull me into a comfortable black cushion.

“Hey Lou!” Lou is the boy's stylish. I beam brightly at her but back away once she attacks me with a curling iron.

“Get that thing away from me” I threaten, inching away from her as she tried to burn my hair.

“You're the only girl I know that doesn't like to get their hair and makeup done like a proper princess.” Lou comments casually, as if she didn't see the terror on my face. I have always prefer natural beauty rather than a caked face or a head full of burnt, hair sprayed hair.

“Ah!” I screams as Danielle and Perrie hold my arms down, letting Lou attack my hair and face.

-Four Hours of Torture Later-

My scalp ache from the constant tugging at sections of my hair. My feet is already starting to blister although I had only put on these heels 5 minutes ago. My nails stink of nail polish. My face felt dirty with the makeup piled on. But everything was worth it.

Danielle, Sarah, Perrie, Lou, and I form a straight horizontal line down the mirror, five matching bridesmaids stand in a hot pink dress with a sweetheart neckline, sparkles on the bustier, a line of asymmetrical diamonds formed from one end to another, and a sexy slit on the right leg. The dress glowed perfectly and worked with all of our skin tones. [Dress and everything else is in the external link]. A pair of nude heels with a light pink flower on the side top our whole entire look. If we look this beautiful, imagine how Eleanor must look with her wedding dress, which we haven't seen yet.

“Ladies! Your cue is in 2 minutes.” The wedding planner, Kevin Lee instructs us. Kevin Lee is a guy who usually gets his way and to be honest, I'm scare of him. With his stance and power, he can easily frighten some people. However, he is an AMAZING event coordinator, who's responsible for the beautiful sight in front of me.

It's currently 6 P.M, and the whole entire area surrounding the Eiffel Tower is lit up with sparkling icicle lights that would blink every few minutes. The simple beauty of the Eiffel Tower was magnified with the beautiful round tables with mirrored silverware, and a pink centerpiece consisting of all different pink shades of flower and the pot itself is covered with rhinestones. White and pink lanterns hung down everywhere, signaling freedom and hope. A mirrored dance floor laid smack in the middle with a band on the side playing some romantic country songs, Eleanor's favorite. A catering table with various Italian deserts is occupied by Nialler. The sweetheart table held the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen. Eight layers of square cake topped each other with real diamonds wrapping each layer and simple flower bunches. And everything looks complete with my favorite thing: little strings of crystals dropping from the ceilings. This wedding is completely A-list worthy.

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