The "Royal" Engagement

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"Taylor, we have to go. Babe, we're going to be late to our own engagement party."

I finished curling the ends of my wig, and slipped on the necklace that Taylor had gotten me. A simple one, in the shape of a heart. The heart was made of my birthstone, the ruby, with a tiny diamond above it. I wore it all the time now.

"Taylor? Are you ready yet?"

He came out into the living room, putting the untied tie behind his neck. "Almost. Can you tie this? It's the last thing."

"Of course." I walked over to him, my tall heels clicking on the floor. I quickly tied it up, always being able to do it for my brothers and soemtimes my dad. He was dressed pretty sharp. A regular tuxedo: white collared shirt, black jacket pants and shiny shoes.

Actually, we were both very dressy. Suppose that's what your supposed to do for your engagement party, yeah? I was dressed in a deep purple dress. Strapless sweetheart neckline and stopped above the knee. I have black heels, probably five inches. Like, Kosmic heels or something, I don't know. They have platforms.

So anyways. Some might be confused at why I'm getting ready in the same place as Taylor.


We live together. Obviously.

Okay, maybe not so obvious. But yeah. We live together now in his....pretty amazing apartment. He's decided to move to London, so I didn't have to uproot the kids.

The buzzer sounded, signaling our car was here.

"Imogen? You'll be good here with the kids?"

"Of course. Jewels, you have fun. Don't worry about us."

"Alright. Bye guys, I'll be back soon. Behave for Auntie Imogen." I kissed them goodbye, and Taylor and I walked out.

"Didn't Imogen want to come?" Taylor asked.

"Not really. She doesn't like being in huge crowds. She volunteered to watch the kids, too."

"Hm. Well that came in handy, didn't it?"

"Very. Besides, she'll be my maid of honor, organize my bachelorette party."

He nodded and opened the car door for me. As we left the curb, he kissed my temple and put his arm around my shoulders. "So is your brother coming?"

"Of course. All of One Direction is coming."


"Even Harry. Taylor, even though Harry is my ex, he's also been one of my best friends that supported me in a rough time. I could never just boot him out of my life. He also took those kids in as his own."

"I know, I know... It's just hard, y'know? This guy has been trying to get with you since he woke up. It scares me to think that he may be able to take you away from me."

"He won't be. You know I love you."

"I know. I love you, too. You ready for this?" he asked, as we pulled up to the venue.

"Of course."

The flashes from cameras all went off. Taylor opened the door and got out, revealing how bright the flashes really were without the tinted windows. He waved for a second, then helped me out. We stood next to the car for a few seconds then slowly worked our way towards the door, doing short interviews and autographs. Once we were finally in the door, we were greeted by cheers of our friends and families. We separated for a bit to greet everyone, then joined back up a while later to actually spend time with each other at our party. After a bit of sitting, Taylor went to grab us drinks. When yelling started and Taylor not returning, I decided to go see what was happening.

As I got closer, I thought I could recognize the voices yelling at each other.

"You had to take her, didn't you?!"

A guy. Familiar.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" That was Taylor, I knew that for sure. As I got closer, I saw the male voice I was hearing was Harry.

"You knew I would forget everything. So you took her to torture me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Harry, you're obivously drunk. Get a ride and go home."

Harry stood still, then the next thing I knew, he was on top of Taylor repeatedly punching him in the face. I flipped off my shoes and ran over to get Harry. About the same time, my brother and the rest of the boys were helping pull him off, too. Louis and Zayn helped Taylor up off the ground as Niall and Liam pulled the still fighting Harry away.

Taylor's bottom lip had been split, and there bruises forming. Small cuts let blood  out.

"Are you insane?!" I yelled at Harry, tears coming down my face already. "This is supposed to be one of the best nights of my life, and you've ruined it! Damn it, Harold, can you ever think about how I feel?! I know you are mad, and hurt, but it gives you no right to ruin everything!" At this point, my makeup was ruined, my cheeks tomato red and soaked. I stood there staring into the green eyes that I had loved and hated, them staring straight back into my icy ones. I broke off the contact, grabbed my shoes and ran out.

I wasn't quite sure where I was going. I just ran. I heard people yelling after me, some even chasing but giving in quick. I ran a lot as my exercise, giving me a lot more stamina than others. After a while...I had no idea I had been going. I didn't have much of an idea of where  I was either.. I took out my phone to call Niall.

No such luck. My phone was just dying. Shit.

I decided to sit down for a bit. My feet hurt, and I needed to rest. I figured I'd get up in a little bit, after catching my breath. But after only a few minutes, I fell asleep. I woke after who knows how long to a sharp pain in my neck, then conked back out.

Niall, 3 Days Later

"Liam! Have you heard anything?" I asked.

"No. Not yet. Zayn and Louis are out helping the police. Harry's gone to be with his family for a little bit." Liam said.

"Where would she have gone? I mean, London is a huge city. She could be anywhere!"

"Niall, calm down. We'll find her. That night was a break in her sanity. The feud between Harry and Taylor has been going on since before Harry lost his memory. She's tired of it."

"I'm calling her."

"Her phone is probably dead by now, Niall. iPhones usually don't have the best battery life."

I tried it anyways, and Liam was right. Her phone was dead.

"Damn it, Liam! Where could she be?"

"I don't know, bud. With our luck...she's probably missing." he trailed off.

I could feel my face pale in realization right before we got a call.


"Lou? What's going on? Have they found her?" I asked frantically.

"No they...they haven't. They've declared her missing. A press conference is going on now."

My sister.

She's gone.

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